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Warranty information can be found in the owner's manual of your product. Can't find your manual? Download a version online.

Spare parts are available via our network of authorized dealerships. Please contact us to find your nearest one. Unfortunately we cannot sell spare parts directly.

Your first point of call for any product repairs is the authorized Sunrise Medical dealership where you purchased your product from. If you can't remember, please contact us.

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It doesn't need programming if you're fitting a new one.

It is not possible to connect the Bluetooth mouse module directly with the Amazon Echo/Alexa. It may be possible to connect to an iPhone (for example) which could be controlled by the R-Net I Device to operate the media apps, when Amazon echo is set as a Bluetooth speaker.

Bluetooth module is compatible with R-NET Electronics. Bluetooth is built into the Omni 2 & CJSM2 Advanced Joystick. All other R-Net Joystick and Omni 1 require the Bluetooth Module.

Unfortunately it is not possible to use a Bluetooth module on a Mac. It can for other devices with iOS software, but not a Mac.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to program a Buddy Button to scroll through the seating functions. It is only possible to set the Buddy Button to go to 'mode'. The user would then need to scroll through the seating functions via the joystick or headrest selection.

Hold down top-right soft-key and scroll through the menu to 'time'.

Ensure that you are not using an R-NET dongle alongside the DTT. Use either the DTT or the R-NET dongle with a PC programmer.

If retrofitting R-NET advanced joystick, you also need 30 cm bus cable to plug into the bottom of the joystick. CJSM does not come with bus cable hard wired in.

To lock the joystick, press the on button and push the joystick forwards until it beeps and then immediately backwards until it beeps again. Perform the same sequence to unlock. If this function does not work, then the programming will need to be changed to include the locking function.

The power chair's program may not include the locking function. Read the program from the power chair onto the programming software (save the original for safekeeping) or a DTT and go to 'Controls > Global > Lock Enable' and change Lock Enable to 'Sequence' or 'Both'.

Unfortunately the module in the bag does not have an IP rating, however the bag that it is in is waterproof.

Unfortunately not. PG have changed the design of the Omni 2 box, so the old hardware will not be compatible.

The 120 Amp does not have any actuator ports and must be used with an ISM.

On the PC programmer, go to: Controls > Profile > Sleep timer > Add time. Write the program to the power chair.

Yes, the Bluetooth joystick will include infrared controls.