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4x4 All-Terrain Power Wheelchairs

From driving through the soft sands of beaches and climbing rugged mountain ranges, to dominating muddy farmyards, Magic Mobility's 4x4 off-road power wheelchairs enable you to experience the freedom and adventure that comes with a go-anywhere, all-terrain power wheelchair.

Magic Mobility Extreme X8 4x4 All-Terrain Power Wheelchair

Extreme X8All-Terrain Power Wheelchair

Unrivaled 4x4 off-road performance and reliability make the Extreme X8 the perfect outdoor power wheelchair for adventurers, explorers, and rural workers alike.

From $24236

  • 4x4 drive power

Frequently Asked Questions

The weight of an Extreme X8 varies greatly depending on the options fitted. An Extreme X8 with group 24 batteries weighs starts at 320 lbs., and will increase based upon options.

On a slippery surface, it will skid around on the spot. If the chair is being driven, it will do a U-turn in 6'6" of width.

It won't sail, swim, or defy the laws of physics.

Your wheelchair should not be driven through puddles or across streams/rivers. It is an electrically powered device, with motors low to the ground.

CRITICAL! Your wheelchair has electric motors and must NEVER be driven through water or into rivers, creeks, or the sea.


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