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Upper Body Positioning

JAY upper body positioning includes anterior trunk supports, hand supports, and arm troughs. These supports are designed to improve upper body posture, help hold the head upright, improve function in the arms and hands, and assist with breathing. Pair with your JAY cushion, back, or made-to-order seating system to maximize the effectiveness of your seating solution.

Need some extra tweaks to your arm troughs to get just the right fit? JAY Your Way has you covered.

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JAY Wheelchair Anterior Trunk Supports

Anterior Trunk Supports

JAY Wheelchair Anterior Trunk Supports are designed to provide support of the torso for improved overall function and positioning.

From $156

JAY Wheelchair Hand and Arm Supports

Hand & Arm Supports

JAY Hand and Arm Supports are designed to support the upper extremities and improve overall upper body posture.

From $77

JAY Swing-Away Lateral Thoracic Supports

Swing-Away Lateral Thoracic Supports

Provides optimal trunk support and stability. It offers a large range of positioning options and a variety of lateral pad sizes to accommodate a broad range of needs.

From $446