Education in Motion

Education in Motion

No one client or clinical practice is exactly like another.

At Sunrise Medical, we understand. To address this challenge we have created Education in Motion: a go-to resource for clinicians needing to stay up-to-date on the latest information in the CRT industry.

Recent Blog Posts

Boarding Soon: Wheelchairs on Commercial Aircraft

There have been efforts to make positive changes for flying with a wheelchair with input from con...

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LUCI Enables Semi-Autonomous Robotic Wheelchair Controls

Dr. Argall's research combines artificial intelligence, rehabilitation robotics, and machine ...

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The History of Wheelchair Rugby

In July 2022, the USA Low Point Wheelchair Rugby team competed at the World Games in Birmingham, ...

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When Is the Right Time to Prescribe a Walking Frame?

As a pediatric physiotherapist, one of the most frequent questions parents ask me is, "Is my...

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Who Needs Anterior Head Supports?

Head supports come in a range of shapes, sizes, and configurations. A well-designed head support ...

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How to Select a Dependent Mobility Device: Reviewing Options

As babies grow into toddlers, preschoolers, children, and through adolescence, the decision betwe...

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Resource Updates

The Six F-Words for Child Development

Getting the right wheelchair, seating, and mobility support for children involves the whole famil...

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Usage of Dynamic Tilt-in-Space Manual Wheelchairs

In the older population the skin becomes weak and frail, resulting in an increased risk of pressu...

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Wheelchair Configurations and Seat Functions for Common Postural Asymmetries

The QUICKIE® Access™ solves multiple seating challenges while allowing clients to prope...

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Comparing Manual Pediatric Dependent Mobility Devices

Mobility devices for infants and children can come with many different features and accessories. ...

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Guide for Finding the Best Head Position for Your Client

Even though we are taught that seating and positioning begins at the pelvis, it is common for peo...

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Early Intervention: Activities at Home to Support Development

This quick guide will provide early developmental activity ideas to help promote physical, social...

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Meet the Team

Jessica Presperin Pedersen

Jessica Presperin Pedersen - Sunrise Medical USA

OTD, MBA, OTR/L, ATP/SMS - Director of Clinical Education - North America

Sarah Leonard

Sarah Leonard - Sunrise Medical USA

PT, DPT, ATP - Clinical Education Manager

Amy Bjornson

Amy Bjornson - Sunrise Medical Australia

BS, MPT, ATP, SMS - Clinical Education Manager - Asia Pacific

Karla Sonderland

Karla Sonderland - Sunrise Medical USA

Clinical Education Manager - US Midwest

Mayari Solorzano-Chavez

Mayari Solorzano-Chavez - Sunrise Medical Latin America

PT / ATP - Clinical Educator - Latin America

Dan Critchfield

Dan Critchfield - Sunrise Medical USA

ATP - Technical Education Director

Kelly Honeycutt

Kelly Honeycutt - Sunrise Medical USA

Technical Trainer

Faith Brown

Faith Brown - Sunrise Medical UK & Éire

OT - Clinical Specialist, Clinical Educator - United Kingdom & Éire

Federico Rizza

Federico Rizza - Sunrise Medical Italy

OT - Clinical & Product Specialist

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