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Drive & Power Seating Controls

The SWITCH-IT TouchDrive 2 offers a unique driving interface for clients with specific diagnoses that need another way to be independent.

The Cool Cube offers unique driving setups to even the most challenging clients. Offering independent power wheelchair control is the goal of any drive control.

SWITCH-IT also offers a number of different individual switches which can be used as inputs for drive control systems, multiple seating functions, or any other need.

Switch-It Cool Cube

Cool Cube

The Cool Cube™ central hub input ports interface with multiple types of switches and can effectively control the various desired switch functions.

From $5250

Switch-It TouchDrive 2

TouchDrive 2

The Switch-It TouchDrive2 uses proven cell phone touchscreen technology for ultra-sensitive and precise proportional driving capabilities for wheelchair control

From $3845

SWITCH-IT Buttons and Switches

Buttons and Switches

SWITCH-IT offers a wide variety of buttons and switches to suit any need.