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Add-On Power-Assist Devices

Wanting an extra push to help you climb slopes or cover long distances? Empulse power-assist devices can aid self-propellers and attendants alike.

Empulse R20 Power-Assist Device

R20Wheelchair Accessory

Foldable, lightweight power-assist device for manual wheelchairs.

From $2875

  • Compatible with almost any box-frame wheelchair

Frequently Asked Questions

During the forward movement, the motor winding (stator) is uncoupled (by the freerun). This is not the case when moving backward, as the motor windings create a voltage causing the LEDs to flash, which is completely normal.

The R20 is a pushing device without any braking function. A drumbrake is only recommended, not mandatory, as it always depends on the capabilities of the user and the area of application (e.g., environment, sloping terrain, etc.).

The motor power will be reduced. At a low charge level, the motor operates ~100W less.

The R20 is compatible with all wheelchair models that have a box frame and tubing diameter between 22 and 28 mm.

No. Please do not attempt to shorten or cut the docking arms. Complete docking arms or only tubes are available as spare parts.

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