Q300 M Mini Power Wheelchair

The sky’s the limit with the ZIPPIE Mini’s ultra-compact base and small turning radius.

Imagine the possibilities!

Children need the freedom to discover the world on their own. The ZIPPIE Mini provides independent mobility, making it possible for children to explore their environment by themselves and to play with friends.

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From $8374

This price is based on standard configuration only. This item may have multiple additional extras that are not included in the published price. Please see your local authorized dealer for a detailed quote.

Options and Prices

Let imagination run wild!

The ZIPPIE Mini can be personalized with a selection of seven striking accent colors for an expressive, individual look. Or choose from a wide array of painted shroud colors for a bit more color. Looking for a style that's a little more unique? Our Built-4-Me team can provide a power wheelchair to reflect any kid's personality.

  • Pearl Pink
  • Pearl White
  • Candy Blue
  • Candy Purple
  • Candy Apple Red
  • Green Apple
  • Silver
  • American Flag
Pearl Pink shroud

Pearl Pink shroud shown on Q500 M base

Imagine independence

The ZIPPIE Mini is designed from the ground up for children.

  • TRUE mid-wheel drive technology allows the ZIPPIE Mini to turn on the spot for intuitive and easy driving. Mid-wheel drive means the drive wheel is in the middle of the base, providing the best indoor maneuverability possible.

  • The ZIPPIE Mini, with its narrow base and ultra-compact 17" turning radius, can easily go through narrow doorways and get in & out of small spaces like forts. Tight places, such as classrooms or busy living spaces, won't slow down the exploration and fun.

  • Rolling under desks and tables is no problem with the Mini's ultra-low seat-to-floor height, starting from 17". Perfect for eating with friends and engaging in activities at school.

Imagine independence

LUCI Smart Technology

LUCI prevents tips, collisions, and falls before they happen, so we can see a curb for what it really is: just a harmless little piece of concrete separating the sidewalk from the street. Available as an optional add-on for SEDEO PRO seating.

LUCI shown on Q500 M base for illustration

Learn more about LUCI

C-Me Seat Elevation

Imagine kids being seen for who they are, not where they sit.

With C-Me, children can achieve the independence they need. The ZIPPIE Mini allows them to drive up to 3 MPH (walking speed) while elevated up to 12" without needing to stop while transitioning. They can move shoulder-to-shoulder with family and friends.

Our power wheelchairs are designed with style for long-lasting performance. Unlike some of our competitors, our suspension doesn't lock out when driving with C-Me, providing a smooth and comfortable ride from start to finish.

Powered elevation allows kids to reach new heights and achieve greater independence. With the ZIPPIE Mini, they'll be able to steal cookies from cabinets, write on the chalkboard, and give smooches at your level.

Learn more about C-Me

JAY & WHITMYER Seating and Positioning Options

A wide range of JAY cushions and backs & WHITMYER headrests are available with the ZIPPIE Q300 M Mini to meet clinical needs.

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JAY Zip Kids Wheelchair Cushion

Zip® Cushion

Skin protection and positioning kids wheelchair cushion

JAY Zip Kids Wheelchair back

Zip Back

Wheelchair back that's lightweight, versatile, and designed just for kids

JAY GS Wheelchair Cushion

GS® Cushion

Adjustable cushion with built-in growth for pediatric clients

Whitmyer Specialty Plush Wheelchair Headrest

Specialty PLUSH

Wheelchair headrests with posterior and lateral support of the head and neck for clients with unique needs

Imagine freedom

Our smallest power wheelchair base with pediatric seating and positioning options provides children maximum accessibility and independence.

The ZIPPIE Mini can adapt and grow based on the child's needs, too. Quick width and depth adjustments allow the seat to grow with the child. Components such as footplates, legrests, as well as back height, seat width and seat depth can grow with the child and be individually adjusted.

Seating and positioning options from JAY® and WHITMYER® can be added for more complex support to meet diverse user needs. JAY seating, including the Zip Cushion, Zip Back, and various JAY Positioning Supports may be ordered on-chair, and JAY made-to-order seating systems such as SureFit are also available.

The ZIPPIE Mini seating system supports children so they are prepared for all of the big and small adventures in everyday life. Proper positioning and good stability enables your child to easily and independently interact with the environment.

Imagine freedom
ZIPPIE Driver's License

ZIPPIE Driver's License

Customize and print a ZIPPIE power wheelchair driver's license for the young driver in your life!

Download driver's license

SWITCH-IT Specialty Controls

If driving with a traditional joystick is not the best option, alternative drive controls allows the user to fully experience the ZIPPIE Q300 M Mini power wheelchair's driving capabilities and benefits.

Find out more
Switch-It MicroGuide


Light-touch proportional control

Switch-It VersaGuide


Compact proportional control

Switch-It Cool Cube

Cool Cube

Switch-It Cool Cube with Pro Spot Proportional Switches

Switch-It Dual Pro

Dual Pro®

Truly proportional head array for intuitive driving

Product Width:20.5"
Product Length:33"

(without footplates)

Seat Width:10" to 16"
Seat Depth:10" to 19"
Seat-to-Floor Height:17" to 19"
Back Height:12" to 20"
Turning Radius:17"

(without footplates)

Ground Clearance:3"
Product Information
Model Number:EIPW40
HCPCS Code:Group 3 – Standard Duty
  • No Power Seating: K0848
  • Single Power Seating: K0856
Starting Retail Price:$8,374
Warranty:Lifetime Limited
Max. Range:Up to 17 miles
Max. Speed:6 mph
Battery Size:Group 22 - 50 Ah
Drive Wheel Position:Mid
Wheel Options:12" or 14" drive wheels, 7" casters
Transit:ISO 7176-19:2008 Transit Approved
User Weight Capacity:165 lbs.
Product Weight:
  • No Power Seating: starting at 250 lbs.
  • Single Power Seating: starting at 274 lbs.

As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Sunrise Medical reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice. Further, not all features and options offered are compatible with all configurations of the wheelchair. Please consult the user instruction manual for more information.


Frequently Asked Questions

Ideally, your power chair should be serviced as least once a year by an authorized Sunrise Medical dealership.

Please visit http://www.ezlock.net/compatibility/ for this information.

Your serial number is usually found on the frame underneath the seat (or on the cross brace of a folding wheelchair). It will be a white sticker with a barcode and a series of numbers.

Unfortunately we don't. However, nail varnish is an extremely inexpensive and easy way of fixing any small scratches or blemishes to your wheelchair's frame.

There are a number of different wheelchair cushions available for our products. You can view our complete range of JAY wheelchair cushions online. For the best comfort we advise you to contact your nearest authorized Sunrise Medical dealership.

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