Cool Cube

Switch-It Cool Cube with Pro Spot Proportional Switches

The Cool Cube and the Pro Spot proportional switch system has been designed to meet the varying levels of ability faced by users today.

The Cool Cube central hub input ports interface with multiple types of switches and can effectively control the various desired switch functions.

In addition to full compatibility with many of the current standard proximity and mechanical switches available in the market today, the Cool Cube system includes the industry-first Pro Spot proportional switches. Only Pro Spot switches provide users with precise, proportional control of their power wheelchair's speed and turn speed. In addition, Pro Spot proportional switches feature multiple mounting options to meet the needs of each client.

The Cool Cube – Pro Spot system truly provides a smart alternative for managing your power wheelchair control needs!

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Switch-It Cool Cube
Flexibility and Simplicity

Flexibility and Simplicity

The Cool Cube central hub automatically senses the type of switch you have engaged, so there is no confusing setup. It is also compatible with all switch alternatives currently available on the market. Users can elect to utilize the Pro Spot proportional switches or can opt for any combination of switches with which they may already be comfortable.

The Cool Cube central hub can be ordered individually or as a system with either four or five Pro Spot proportional switches.

Precision Control

Precision Control

Pro Spot proportional switches offer full and continuous range of speed and direction for superior drivability. As you come in contact with the Pro Spot switch, the power wheelchair will begin to move at roughly 40% of programmed speed. With continued pressure (proportionality), the power wheelchair will increase to 100% of programmed speed. This represents a dramatic improvement over current proximity or mechanical switches, which deliver only two options: full on or full off.

Multiple Mounting Options

Multiple Mounting Options

Pro Spot proportional switches offer a wide variety of switch mounting positions. Head, leg, tray, and hand positions can be easily accommodated.

Auditory Feedback

Auditory Feedback

Users can elect to activate the Pro Spot auditory feedback option. Each port of the Cool Cube central hub emits a different audible tone to provide the user with an auditory signal that will coincide with the selected proportional switch. The tone has three settings: off, soft, or loud.

  • Cool Cube Interface: 3.5" L x 3.12" W x 1.06" H
  • Pro Spot Switches: 2.10" diameter x 0.50" H
Product Information
Model Number:
  • CCB
  • CCB-4PS
  • CCB-5PS
  • CCB-4ZTS
  • CCB-5ZTS
HCPCS Code:E2328
Starting Retail Price:$3,969
Alternative Control Type:Proportional
Activation Type:Pressure
Activating Force:150g - 300g
Feedback:Auditory (can be disabled)
Connector:DB9 Connector to Wheelchair Omni or Enhanced Display
  • Penny and Giles R-Net (Omni Display from wheelchair manufacturer is required)
  • Quantum Q-Logic electronics (Enhanced Display from wheelchair manufacturer is required)
  • Seating Configurations Programs DS-S1, DS-S2, DS-S3, and DS-S4 require a dedicated seat function box with monoplug ports from the wheelchair manufacturer
  • Not compatible with Invacare electronics
Mode Switch Inputs:
  • Dedicated port for mode switches.
  • Mechanical switches (i.e., Egg Switch, MicroLite, Piko) or powered sensors.
Mounting Options:
  • Armrest Mount
  • Midline Mount
  • Headrest Mount
  • Hand Tray/Lap Tray Mount
  • Knee/Leg Mount

As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Sunrise Medical reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice. Further, not all features and options offered are compatible with all configurations of the wheelchair. Please consult the user instruction manual for more information.