C-Me on QUICKIE Power Wheelchairs

Your chair is designed to support you, not define you.

C-Me on QUICKIE Power Wheelchairs

With C-Me, you can achieve the independence you're looking for. Drive up to 3 MPH while elevated up to 12" without needing to stop while transitioning. Found on the Q700 M, Q500 M, and the Q400 M, you'll never have to compromise dependability for accessibility again.

Our power wheelchairs are designed with style for long-lasting performance. Unlike some of our competitors, our suspension doesn't lock out when you drive with C-Me, giving you a smooth and comfortable ride from start to finish.

From our highly adjustable and configurable seating frame featuring clinically superior JAY® seating, to our robust motor technology that can't be easily duplicated anywhere, our commitment to you is a power wheelchair that has improved performance, drivability, and range.

Quickie Q700 M power wheelchair

Q700 M

The QUICKIE Q700 M electric power wheelchair combines function and luxury for a unique driving experience featuring SpiderTrac® 2.0 suspension.

Quickie Q500 M power wheelchair

Q500 M

The QUICKIE Q500 M power wheelchair balances superb mid-wheel drive indoor maneuverability with outstanding performance and head-turning style.

Quickie Q400 M power wheelchair

Q400 M

The QUICKIE Q400 M balances indoor agility with outdoor performance and head-turning style, combined with the benefits of highly adjustable SEDEO® PRO seating.

C-ME Live Without Limits

We love how C-Me enables you to achieve the independence you're seeking, but we also know that "C-Me" is much more than just a feature on your chair. Because to see you, is to see just you, and all that makes you unique.

Whether challenging stereotypes, pushing physical limits, or fighting for change, it's time that people see you and not just your chair.

Share with us a story of your QUICKIE and how people should "c-you."

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José Hernandez

C-ME advocate for change


NYC Advocacy Coordinator
President of the New York City chapter

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Cole and Charisma

C-ME smash stereotypes

Cole & Charisma

Founders of RollwithCole

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Cory Lee Woodard

C-ME explore the world

Cory Lee Woodard

Founder of Curb Free with Cory Lee & published author

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