Seat elevation is now funded for many riders of Group 3 power chairs!

Elevate your life!

Have you heard the good news? In May 2023, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced expanded funding for seat elevation in most Group 3 power wheelchairs, benefitting countless riders. CMS will now cover power seat elevation systems used on certain power wheelchairs under Medicare and Medicare Advantage, for the purposes of performing transfers or to improve reach in performing mobility-related activities of daily living (ADLs). Since many other funding sources set their guidelines based on CMS, there's a good chance that other insurance companies will now also cover seat elevation. Be sure to check with your funding source.

C-Me on QUICKIE Power Wheelchairs
Seat elevation advantages

Seat elevation advantages

What does this mean for you, as you are considering your next power wheelchair? Well, let's delve deeper into why seat elevation is a gamechanger in the world of mobility solutions. Seat elevation in power wheelchairs offers a myriad of safety and health advantages for individuals dealing with mobility impairments. It's not just a convenience; it's a life-enhancing feature. Here's why:

  • Independent Transfers: Seat elevation allows the rider to be at the same level as a bed, seat, or toilet, potentially enabling the rider to move in and out of the power wheelchair independently. These transfers might involve assistance from a caregiver or tools like a sliding board, cane, crutch, walker, and more.
  • Dependent Transfers: Like with independent transfers, seat elevation assists caregivers in moving the rider in and out of the power wheelchair by leveling them with the bed, chair, or toilet. This could involve using a lift, either on the floor or mounted in place.
  • Reaching: The person can reach from the power wheelchair to do daily tasks like using the toilet, eating, getting dressed, grooming, and bathing in their home. Cooking over a stove or transferring hot liquids from a microwave is safer from an elevated height.

For more benefits of seat elevation, read this blog from Linda Bollinger, PT/ATP/DPT.

So, whether you're considering purchasing a power wheelchair for yourself or a loved one, it's essential to explore the benefits of seat elevation. With CMS's expanded funding options, you now have more opportunities to access this life-changing technology. For further details on how these funding changes might apply to you, read CMS's decision memo.

Elevate your life with C-Me!

Elevate your life with C-Me!

At Sunrise Medical, we offer C-Me seat elevation on our QUICKIE and ZIPPIE power wheelchairs. In addition to being elevated while seated, C-Me allows you to drive at a comfortable "walking" speed while elevated with the comfort of full suspension. With C-Me, you can achieve the independence you're looking for. Drive at up to 3 MPH while elevated up to 12" without needing to stop while transitioning. Found on the QUICKIE Q700 M, Q500 M, Q300 M Mini, and the ZIPPIE Q300 M Mini, you'll never have to compromise dependability for accessibility again.

Your powerchair is designed to support you.

Experience a new level of freedom and independence with C-Me.

  • Our new power wheelchairs are designed with style for long-lasting performance. Unlike some of our competitors, our suspension doesn't lock out when you drive with C-Me, giving you a smooth and comfortable ride from start to finish. From our highly adjustable and configurable seating frame featuring clinically superior JAY® and Ride seating, to our robust motor technology that can't be easily duplicated anywhere else, our commitment to you is a power wheelchair that has improved performance, drivability, and range.

  • C-Me provides a different way to socially interact in your daily life. By driving at walking speed while elevated, you can now keep up with friends and family at their pace (and at the same level). Rise up and keep within earshot of the conversation. Be at eye-level with your peers at work without straining to look up, dance the night away, or simply chat shoulder-to-shoulder with friends at the bar. C-Me removes those social barriers and ensures that you're never lost in the crowd again. Neck and shoulder pain from hyperextension can decrease with the ability to match heights with people you are with.

  • Tired of straining for everyday items that are physically out of reach? Whether it's ingredients from the top of the pantry or the last item on the shelf at the supermarket, C-Me empowers you to perform those everyday tasks safely and without assistance when elevated. The risk of injury from reaching overhead for a heavy object or a bowl of hot soup is significantly reduced when you can come to the same level of the appliance or object. Now you can live life at your own pace.

  • From a packed concert to crossing a busy road, C-Me ensures that you're kept head and shoulders above the crowd. Not only can you see, but you can be seen, too. Plus, the suspension on your powerchair remains active even when you're elevated, so you get the same smooth and stable ride regardless of seat level. That extra stability really helps with transfers, too. Match your seat elevation to the height of your car seat, for example, and it's just so much easier to transfer across. It's independence that's just button press away.

Your powerchair is designed to support you.

Explore QUICKIE and ZIPPIE power chairs featuring C-Me

QUICKIE Q700 M power wheelchair

Q700 M

The QUICKIE Q700 M electric power wheelchair combines function and luxury for a unique driving experience featuring ProGrip suspension.

QUICKIE Q500 M power wheelchair

Q500 M

The QUICKIE Q500 M power wheelchair balances superb mid-wheel drive indoor maneuverability with outstanding performance and head-turning style.

QUICKIE Q300 M Mini power wheelchair

Q300 M Mini

Go where others can't with the QUICKIE Q300 M Mini: the narrowest TRUE mid-wheel drive QUICKIE power wheelchair with an ultra-small 17" turning radius.

ZIPPIE Q300 M Mini power wheelchair

ZIPPIE Q300 M Mini

The ZIPPIE Q300 M Mini features an ultra-compact base and a small turning radius to provide independent mobility for children to explore their environment at their own pace.

C-Me Live Without Limits

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