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Clinical Task Force's New Resource

Complex rehab technology (CRT) is just that: complex! Sunrise Medical aims to simplify CRT understanding through its Education in Motion initiative, which caters to individuals of all experience levels. Did you know we've curated a list of industry-recognized resources on our website? Explore links to key CRT industry websites such as RESNA, NRRTS, NCART, CTF, Mobility Management Magazine, and Spinal Injury 101. Additionally, you can access clinical application guides, standardized wheelchair seating measures, position papers, scope of practice guidelines, wheelchair service guidelines, funding guides for standing devices, and more. Visit the Helpful Links page to delve into these valuable resources.

We would like to highlight the most recent addition to the Helpful Links page, the Clinical Task Force's (CTF) Scope of Practice for Seating and Wheeled Mobility Clinical Services, released in December 2023. The CTF is a group of seating and mobility clinicians with a mission to provide "clinical-based expertise to inform and promote public policy, best practices, and positive outcomes regarding people with disabilities who require CRT products and related services." Role delineation is sometimes difficult when it comes to seating and wheeled mobility. This scope of practice outlines how to proceed to ultimately optimize the common goal that will, according to the Task Force, "lead the client to the equipment they need to support and maximize their health and function." This group does an excellent job of describing best practice methods for providing clinical services in seating and wheeled mobility (SWM), with an emphasis on roles in CRT acquisition and training processes.

You're not alone in this complex world of rehab technology. Whether you're an occupational therapist, physical therapist, assistive technology professional (ATP), rider, or advocate, a wealth of information awaits. Reach out to peer therapists, suppliers, and manufacturers for guidance. At Sunrise Medical, we're dedicated to improving people's lives by leading in the design, manufacturing, and marketing of innovative, high-quality mobility products and services. Our company boasts a remarkable depth of knowledge and expertise. It starts with you, so start here (or anywhere), because you too can be the reason for changing people's lives using complex rehab technology.

Karla Sonderland

Karla Sonderland graduated with a master's degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of Mary in North Dakota. She has 20 years of experience with a focus on individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. She brings to the team her knowledge and understanding of providing 24-hour care to individuals with multiple caregivers as well as helping individuals transition to alternate living arrangements with optimal assistive technology to ensure their safety and participation. Karla lives with her husband and three children in Iowa and manages the Midwest Clinical Education program.

Published: 4/8/2024


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