Fresno, Calif., February 18, 2021 - Introducing the brand new Quickie Q300 M Mini, Sunrise Medical's narrowest power wheelchair to complement the Quickie power portfolio. The ultra-narrow base will go where other power chairs can't. Whether it's a narrow doorway, complicated living room, or a crowded restaurant, the Q300 M Mini will easily maneuver where you want to go.

Thanks to true mid-wheel drive technology, the Q300 M Mini turns on the spot, providing an ultra-small 17" turning radius (without footplates). In comparison, RWD and FWD power chairs need to 'swing' around on their front or rear drive wheels, widening their turning circles. With a turning circle of less than a yard - 33.7" - the Q300 M Mini allows you to turn around in the smallest of elevators.

With a base weight of just 111 lbs., it's light enough to be used with most lifts. Fit comfortably under tables or when driving your wheelchair-adapted vehicle with the Q300 M Mini's ultra-low seat-to-floor height, starting from just 16.5". Powered by a strong Group 22 - 50 Ah battery, the Mini will take you everywhere you want to go.

Seating options include the simple, adjustable SEDEO® Lite and the highly configurable SEDEO® Pro. Both seating frames offer the C-Me® option which enables you to elevate up to 12" while traveling up to 3 mph. With its minimal design, the SEDEO Lite is one of the lightest seating systems on the market, making it a great solution for many hitch-mounted lifts. The SEDEO Pro offers great flexibility with a wide range of cushions and positioning options; a diverse selection of armrests, armpads, legrests, and headrests; and numerous positioning accessories.

With the launch of the Q300 M Mini, Sunrise Medical is also launching new JAY® Swing-Away Thoracic Laterals with improved locking strength. These slim-profile laterals allow for better positioning due to two pivot points that offer over 100mm of adjustment. Optional positioning is extremely important, and JAY's robust product portfolio continues to expand to best meet the needs of each individual.

"The Q300 M Mini is the perfect power chair for anyone who lives in a small place or needs to get around in tight areas, like their kitchen. It packs a lot of features found on much larger chairs into a small package. The 17" turning radius will really make the difference for many clients," said Jeff Rogers, Director of Power Product Management.

Learn more about the new QUICKIE Q300 M Mini by visiting its product page for videos, images, and additional information.

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