FRESNO, Calif., January 7, 2020 – Today, Sunrise Medical announced the launch of three new JAY® positioning products: JAY Fusion® with CryoFluid, JAY J3® Plus Back, and JAY J3 Form Back. With these new additions to the JAY portfolio, clinicians have more options to help find the optimal fit for their clients' skin protection, positioning, comfort, and lifestyle needs.

Sunrise Medical is constantly enhancing its clinical seating portfolio to address client needs. CryoFluid Technology is an exciting breakthrough providing one of the highest degrees of skin protection by addressing the four primary risks for pressure injuries: pressure, shear, temperature, and moisture. It is designed to actively cool the seated skin surface to a therapeutic temperature range and reduces perspiration with extended sitting times, reducing the risk of pressure injury. The JAY Fluid with Cryo Technology actively cools for up to eight hours, "resets" during off-loading, and the capacity for cooling won't diminish over time. The CryoFluid insert is divided into five chambers to minimize fluid migration for optimal immersion and weight distribution; the two chambers under the ischial tuberosities (ITs) include CryoFluid and the other three chambers include popular JAY Flow® Fluid. This technology is available on the JAY Fusion and the JAY Syncra cushions.

Today, JAY J3 Back Supports will now be available in two more options: Plus and Form. Both use the industry-favorite J3 shell, cover, and hardware, but now with more positioning options. The JAY J3 Plus back is also a new addition to the portfolio designed to address pelvic and trunk stability needs of the bariatric client. This new back is available exclusively in PA contour depth and has a weight capacity of up to 500 lbs. with widths up to 26". The optional lower vanity shell extension can pivot to accommodate redundant tissues, allowing for proper positioning without interference.

For those individuals who require a more complex seating solution, the JAY J3 Form Back can be used when an off-the-shelf back cannot accommodate an individual's orthopedic asymmetries. This mix-and-pour individualized contouring system makes it easy to create a personalized solution to suit your client's specific needs.

"JAY has always been the leader in clinically superior seating, and we are thrilled to continue that legacy with these new options," says VP of Product Management Brent Hatch, "Personalized fit is extremely important to us and our clients, and JAY's robust product portfolio continues to expand to best meet the needs of each individual in today's marketplace."

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