Cryo Technology

JAY Fluid® with Cryo Technology Wheelchair Cushion

Introducing a patent-pending, revolutionary wheelchair cushion designed to keep you cooler.

What Is Cryo Technology?

JAY Fluid with Cryo Technology is a patent-pending, revolutionary wheelchair cushion material that actively cools a patient's seated skin surface for up to 8 hours* while evenly distributing pressure, reducing shear, and lowering the risk of moisture. With traditional cushions on the market today, seated skin surface temperatures can rise to 37°C (98.6°F), leading to an increased risk in skin breakdown. Lowering the skin's temperature as little as 1°C (1.8°F) can reduce the risk of skin breakdown significantly. Cryo Technology was engineered to mildly cool the skin within a therapeutic temperature range of 28°C - 35°C (82.4°F - 95°F), effectively lowering the risk of skin breakdown. The cooler skin surface temperature has the added benefit of reducing the likelihood of moisture associated with localized perspiration.

What Is Cryo Technology?

Providing one of the highest degrees of skin protection on the market

JAY Fluid with Cryo Technology addresses all four risks associated with pressure injuries.



JAY Fluid with Cryo Technology evenly distributes pressure across the seating surface.



4-way stretch Lycra® cover reduces shear forces between the cushion cover and JAY Fluid with Cryo Technology insert.



JAY Fluid with Cryo Technology lowers the seated skin temperature into the therapeutic temperature range for up to eight hours.



Cooler skin temperatures reduce the likelihood of perspiration on the seated surface.

How Cryo Fluid Works

Active Cooling icon

Heat leaves skin surface, cooling the skin

JAY Fluid with Cryo Technology features millions of microbeads filled with paraffin wax which melts at a set temperature. Because skin temperature is warmer than the ambient temperature of the Cryo Fluid, heat from the skin is actively transferred into the fluid. This results in a lowering of the seated skin temperature within therapeutic range.

Therapeutic effect: 8 hours icon

A long-lasting effect

In addition to millions of microbeads, JAY Fluid with Cryo Technology also utilizes graphite due to its high capacity to effectively disperse heat throughout the fluid. This heat dispersion continues to pull heat from the skin until all microbeads have melted, resulting in a therapeutic cooling effect which can last up to eight hours*. The Cryo Fluid microbeads will naturally re-solidify after the fluid returns to ambient temperature.

* Internal testing data at 77°F. Results may vary.

Cryo Technology now available for both manual and power wheelchairs

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