Everyday Activity Seat

Positioning support for kids, teens & young adults

Every day is an active day with the Leckey Everyday Activity Seat, giving freedom to move without sacrificing optimum posturing and pelvic support. Designed for children, teens and young adults 1 - 18 years old, the Everyday Activity Seat gives young people the ability to explore the world while providing strong pelvic support suitable to correct poor posturing.

This seating and positioning support system is also an optimal therapy chair for everyday use while still perfect for day-to-day situations where a conventional chair is not adequate.

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Leckey Everyday Activity Seat
Four-Point Pelvic Harness

Four-Point Pelvic Harness

The Everyday Activity Seat employs a four-point harness designed to ensure exceptional pelvic postural support. Easily adjusted from the center buckle, the four-point pelvic harness provides strong and adjustable support. Alongside the simple range of trunk, head, leg, and foot positioning adjustments, the four-point pelvic harness provides a foundation of optimal postural support that grows with its user.

Everyday Functionality

Everyday Functionality

Through its exceptional pelvic postural support built onto its slim chassis, this therapy chair is for the everyday. The Leckey Everyday Activity Seat gives its users room to move, with users able to move their arms freely and independently. The Everyday Activity Chair allows for activities such as playing, eating, reading, writing, or chatting with friends, allowing its user to live life to the fullest.

Combined with its Hi-Low Chassis allowing for easy adjustability for all heights around the home, this seating and positioning solution is the perfect therapy chair for everyday.

Designed for Comfort

Designed for Comfort

It is impossible to obtain the optimal postural support without comfort. The Leckey Everyday Activity Seat provides comfort for everyday life. Soft, breathable covers allow for the user to be comfortable in a wide array of climates while the molded armrests give its user the comfort to live actively every day. The contoured back and the ramped seat cushion achieve both comfort and support, allowing for optimal postural support. The Leckey Everyday Activity Seat therapy chair provides optimal seating and positioning support without sacrificing comfort.

There is an extensive range of accessories which can be configured to fit any posturing needs. This postural support seating system easily fits into the household with its slim, easy-to-use design.

Product Information
Starting Retail Price:$3,046
  • Size 1
  • Size 2
  • Size 3
Product Weight:
  • Size 1 w/ hi-low chassis: 65 lbs.
  • Size 2 w/ hi-low chassis: 75 lbs.
  • Size 3 w/ hi-low chassis: 108 lbs.
Seat Height:
  • Size 1 w/ hi-low chassis: 9.8"-23.6"
  • Size 2 w/ hi-low chassis: 12.6"-23.6"
  • Size 3 w/ hi-low chassis: 17.7"-23.6"
Seat Width:
  • Size 1: 6.3"-11"
  • Size 2: 10.2"-15"
  • Size 3: 13.4"-19.7"
Seat Depth:
  • Size 1: 5.9"-11"
  • Size 2: 9"-15"
  • Size 3: 13"-18.9"
Back Height:
  • Size 1: 11.8"-15.7"
  • Size 2: 15.7"-20.5"
  • Size 3: 17.7"-24.8"
Back Angle Adjustment:
  • 30° supine
  • 10° prone
Chest Width:
  • Size 1: 5.9"-8.7"
  • Size 2: 6.7"-9.4"
  • Size 3: 9.4"-14.6"
Armrest Height:
  • Size 1: 5.9"-9.8"
  • Size 2: 7.9"-11.8"
  • Size 3: 7"-12.7"
Lower Leg Length Setting:
  • Size 1: 5.9"-9.8"
  • Size 2: 9.8"-17.7"
  • Size 3: 9.8"-17.7"
Lower Leg Angle:-10° to +50°
Footplate Angle:-15° to +10°
  • 30° supine
  • 10° prone
User Weight Capacity:
  • Size 1: 66 lbs.
  • Size 2: 110 lbs.
  • Size 3: 220 lbs.

As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Sunrise Medical reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice. Further, not all features and options offered are compatible with all configurations of the wheelchair. Please consult the user instruction manual for more information.


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