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Active Cushion

Wheelchair cushion that offers mild, lightweight skin protection and stability for active individuals

The JAY® Active is a lightweight, pre-contoured foam wheelchair cushion with a JAY Flow fluid pad and AirExchange cover, designed for the active client at low risk of skin breakdown, who requires mild to moderate positioning.

Replaced by the JAY X2 wheelchair cushion

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available to order.

JAY Active Cushion


Frequently Asked Questions

The JAY cushion measurements have a tolerance of approximately 10mm. If this is an issue, please contact Technical Services.

The JAY fluid packs are made of a vegetable oil-based fluid and are not considered 'gel'. They form well around a client's posture and are excellent at promoting skin protection.

The fluid pads in JAY cushions may become stiff after 4-5 years of consistent use and will require a direct replacement.

Yes, it has a water-resistant quality to protect the inner foam/gel/urethane.

Adductor wedges are designed to bring the knees closer together. An abductor support is designed to spread the knees. An abductor is also called a pommel.

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