QUICKIE Roadshow

QUICKIE Roadshow

There's so much new to see from QUICKIE! Join us at any of our many stops across America to try our full line of manual and power wheelchairs.

We'll be serving lunch and providing an opportunity to get hands-on experience with the latest innovations in QUICKIE wheelchairs and JAY seating. Have questions? Send them to social.scene@sunmed.com and we'll get right back to you!

QUICKIE Nitrum manual wheelchair

Check out the Nitrum, our brand new ultra-lightweight manual chair, precision-engineered to turn your energy into motion so you can go further, faster, and for longer.

QUICKIE Q300 M Mini power wheelchair

Go for a spin in the Q300 M Mini, the narrowest TRUE mid-wheel drive power wheelchair, patented with suspension that independently cushions every wheel.

JAY Cryo Technology graphic

Check out our latest award-winning wheelchair cushions, including the JAY Fusion® with Cryo Technology. Cryo Technology is a revolutionary wheelchair cushion material that actively keeps you cool while evenly distributing pressure, reducing shear, and lowering the risk of moisture.

Upcoming Roadshow Events

Check back soon for more events!