P-222 SE

Rule your world
with speed and style

The powerful and sleek Quickie® P-222 SE power wheelchair offers you the ultimate in indoor and outdoor maneuverability and performance. Its rear-wheel drive base, sporty frame, and manual conversion kit ensure you arrive confidently and in style.

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This price is based on standard configuration only. This item may have multiple additional extras that are not included in the published price. Please see your local authorized dealer for a detailed quote.

Available colors:

The color options shown are for reference only. They are not intended as accurate representations. Refer to the Quickie Color Brochure or a Quickie Color Ring for representations of Quickie colors.

Options and Prices
QUICKIE P-222 SE Electric Power Wheelchair
Fast and Maneuverable Base

Fast and Maneuverable Base

The Quickie P-222 SE comes standard with a powerful, 8.5 mph motor, PosiDrive™ drivetrain technology, and a 26" turning radius for speed, agility, and performance. No matter where you're going, the P-222 gets you there...faster.
Manual Conversion Kit

Manual Conversion Kit

Access all your favorite spots with the P-222's Manual Conversion Kit. For times when using your power wheelchair base just won't cut it, easily transfer the seating system from the P-222 SE power base to a set of 24" manual wheels.
Bold Style Options

Bold Style Options

The P-222 SE power wheelchair offers an epic mix of options so you can be bold even when you're not pushing your wheelchair to its max. The sporty painted frame is available in 23 different colors and with fixed front hangers. Choose the tapered style for increased maneuverability.
Product Width:24.5"
Product Length:31.5" without footplates
Seat Width:14" to 24"
Seat Depth:14" to 20"
Seat-to-Floor Height:
  • No Power Seating: 18" to 20"
  • Tilt: 17.5" to 20.5"
Back Height:15.5" to 24"
Turning Radius:25"
Shipping Dimensions:47" L x 40" W x 54" H
Product Information
Model Number:EIPW2
  • P-222 SE BD: K0868
  • P-222 SE SD: K0877
Starting Retail Price:$10,585
Max. Speed:8.5 mph
Battery Size:Group 24 Standard Post
Drive Wheel Position:Rear
Suspension:Rear Stabilizers
User Weight Capacity:350 lbs.
Product Weight:115 lbs. without batteries
Average Shipping Weight:260 lbs.

As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Sunrise Medical reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice. Further, not all features and options offered are compatible with all configurations of the wheelchair. Please consult the user instruction manual for more information.


Frequently Asked Questions

Ensure that the inhibit plug on the power module has the inhibit loop 060665. Ensure program does not include lift/tilt.

Please ask the bus company first. They may issue permits to Class B wheelchairs (less than 4 mph max speed). See more information at https://www.transit.dot.gov/regulations-and-guidance/civil-rights-ada/questions-and-answers-concerning-wheelchairs-and-bus-and.

MSDS sheets are for items such as batteries, chemicals, etc. Chargers do not need a MSDS nor are they classed as Dangerous goods; unlike a battery, a charger needs a power supply to work. As it is disconnected from a power supply, it is a completely harmless charger and therefore it can be shipped by air.

Ideally, your power chair should be serviced as least once a year by an authorized Sunrise Medical dealership.

Please visit http://www.ezlock.net/compatibility/ for this information.

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