Fresno, California, September 19th, 2023

Sunrise Medical is pleased to announce two groundbreaking enhancements to the QUICKIE Q700 M and Q700-UP M power wheelchairs: the ProGrip suspension and the 50° posterior / 30° anterior tilt module. These cutting-edge features elevate the already exceptional QUICKIE Q700 power wheelchair, further enhancing its impact on the rider's tolerance, positioning, health, and safety for overall increased functional outcomes.

At the forefront of these advancements is the ProGrip suspension system, which has undergone a complete redesign to deliver unmatched reliability without compromising performance. Featuring a robust coil-over-shock design, the new suspension system ensures an even smoother and safer ride. The QUICKIE Q700 M impressively combines exceptional indoor maneuverability with outstanding outdoor performance. With approximately 7" of articulation in the caster arms, this power wheelchair effortlessly glides rough terrains while maintaining a smooth ride.

Additionally, the SEDEO PRO ADVANCED seating system, available on both Q700 models, introduces the 50° posterior / 30° anterior tilt module. The anterior tilt can assist with positioning for easier and safer standing and sliding transfers as well as pressure management. Moreover, it facilitates eye contact, simplifies reaching for everyday tasks, and further augments the overall functionality of the power chair.

"Sunrise Medical is committed to continuously improving the lives of our clients, and we are proud to introduce these remarkable upgrades to the QUICKIE Q700 power wheelchairs," stated Jeff Rogers, Director of Product Management, Power at Sunrise Medical. "The new ProGrip suspension system and the advanced tilt module are a testament to our dedication to providing unparalleled driving experiences and elevating the standard of power mobility."

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