Fresno, California | November 13, 2023

Off-road to indoors. Freedom in every direction.

Magic Mobility, a Sunrise Medical brand since 2018, is launching its most anticipated crossover wheelchair – the Magic 360 – in North America. Australian-based powered wheelchair company Magic Mobility has drawn upon its 25+ years of experience in all-terrain and off-road wheelchairs to develop the Magic 360.

Developed after intensive research and listening to their extensive customer base, Magic Mobility is launching a model designed for off-road adventures and urban maneuverability. With a compact body 24"-26" wide, the Magic 360 is the first chair that's compact enough to move easily indoors and yet equipped with all the requirements for tackling more adventurous outdoor terrain. Two types of interchangeable wheels and tires mean that the Magic 360 can traverse everything from indoor environments to city streets, and even get off the beaten track. The team at Magic Mobility has integrated both improved all-wheel suspension, making it the smoothest ride yet, and a slick new body style to appeal to a broader audience. The Magic 360 seating system can be personalized to meet a wide range of sizes and options to suit complex postural requirements, including tilt & recline and seat elevation.

"The Magic 360 is the chair our customers have all been waiting for," said Jill McKechnie, Magic Mobility General Manager. "Our current chairs are renowned for their robust nature and their ability to take riders further. Customers, however, were asking us for a powered wheelchair that looked great, performed outdoors, and was more compact than the Frontier V6 All Terrain model. The Magic 360 provides more opportunity for our riders to move through every aspect of their day and respond to the wide variety of environments they need to navigate," McKechnie said.

"It's more than simply adding a fat wheel to an indoor chair," McKechnie continued. "As the name suggests, it's engineered to give wheelchair riders 360 degrees of freedom and we are proud to have created the chair that truly embodies Magic Mobility's all-terrain position."

The Magic 360 is the most versatile chair in the Magic Mobility range, as it gives the flexibility of movement from indoors to off-road and everything in between.

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