Fresno, Calif., August 8, 2022 – It's official! On August 8th, RGK, the most advanced and premium made-to-measure manual wheelchair range the world has ever seen, is now available through Sunrise Medical North America. Acquired by Sunrise Medical in 2015, RGK Wheelchairs was founded on the principles of challenging convention, breaking down barriers, and empowering people!

Already trusted by many top professional athletes with more than 30 world champion ambassadors globally including some most famous names, RGK is renowned for and will always strive to be the best in made-to-measure. While other companies zig, we zag. At a time when it is not financially in vogue to be talking about made-to-measure manual wheelchairs, we are launching the most made-to-measure line of manual wheelchairs ever created. RGK is doing this because we believe in the clinical evidence, which says a highly customized ultralight manual chair that is built to fit the individual rider results in optimal function and quality of life. "I don't compromise with my manual mobility, why would I expect others to? Good is not good enough. We are committed to making a better product than we are obligated to for the well-being of our customers!" said Josh Anderson, VP of Business Development and an RGK rider himself.

At RGK we typically take more than 30 measurements, custom handcrafting a chair for each rider. We take more measurements than any other manufacturer, and we do it with precision down to the millimeter! That is in the DNA of every RGK chair. We have also created and are launching the RGK Genius Program. We believe that the best way to get the perfect fit is to work with the rider's seating team. Those individuals are subject matter experts within their field and have a unique perspective on the rider's unique needs. A team approach is invaluable to creating the right product. An RGK Genius is a subject matter expert on RGK and manual wheelchair design & mobility. Every RGK wheelchair evaluation/consultation will have an RGK Genius available to be there in-person or via video conference to assist with measurements and any questions on the RGK product. "Having a subject matter expert on RGK present at the evaluation/consultation allows challenges to be resolved immediately. Our goal is to give the rider the best possible fit using a collaborated process with the team. It is a huge advantage to doing made-to-measure right and efficiently. It also takes some of the burden of "getting the chair right" off the clinician and ATP," said Jim Black, Director of Strategic Accounts and Business Development and an RGK rider himself.

Using state-of-the-art design, we are incorporating more ergonomic frame options to sculpt the frame around the rider's body. Combining design with the most advanced materials and the RGK Genius Program, we have not only created a superior product, but we have also created a model for the best way to ensure that the rider gets proper weight distribution and a perfect fit. "Our goal is to build the best product for the rider while removing the fear of ordering a made-to-measure manual wheelchair. If the chair is wrong, we will make it right, period," said Larry Jackson, President of Sunrise Medical North America.

Learn more about RGK chairs by visiting the RGK section of www.SunriseMedical.com for videos, images, and additional information.

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