FRESNO, Calif., March 28, 2019 — Today, Sunrise Medical is excited to announce the launch of Education in Motion (EIM), a go-to online resource for clinicians, assistive technology professionals (ATPs), and others involved in the profession of seating and wheeled mobility equipment. Education in Motion is powered by a highly educated and experienced team of professional clinicians with diverse backgrounds from all over the world.

One of the primary goals for the Education in Motion clinical portal was to consistently provide new information and valuable resources to enable clinicians to make the best complex rehabilitation technology (CRT) recommendations that meet the needs of each of their clients. Education in Motion is free to access and no registration is required. The intent was to create a go-to, trusted source that is open and available for anyone who wishes to increase their knowledge base.

"Based on feedback from clinicians and CRT professionals from all over the world, we realized that there was a need for a digital resource that is easy to access and intuitive to navigate. This resource needed to be full of relevant, practical, and evidence-based information on topics related to the seating and wheeled mobility provision process for professionals with varying levels of experience. While the resources will be developed with a global perspective, the content available for each country/region will be tailored to the needs of that specific area," said Angie Kiger, M.Ed., CTRS, ATP/SMS, Clinical Strategy and Education Manager at Sunrise Medical.

EIM also offers the opportunity to schedule any one of 10 on-site continuing education course (CEU) seminars taught by one of our highly educated and experienced clinical team members. Each seminar is conducted in engaging formats which include lectures, discussions, and hands-on activities to provide the most optimal learning experience. Regularly added articles and resources are formatted to allow clinicians to print out what they need on demand and build their own library. The site also features real-life user stories and helpful links such as industry whitepapers and links to CRT industry websites.

By coming together, we hope to help educate individuals regardless of their level of experience and give them access to valuable information that can change the lives of the clients they serve. Sunrise Medical believes that education is a key element in providing the best solution possible for improving people's lives. More Knowledge + More Skills = Better Outcomes.

Visit the Education in Motion website to learn more and sign up to receive the newsletter with updates on availability of new resources, blog articles, and so much more.

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