FRESNO, Calif., September 5, 2018 - Today, Sunrise Medical announced the launch of the new QUICKIE Q700 M SEDEO ERGO, our most advanced mid-wheel drive power wheelchair to date. The Q700 M provides the client with the ultimate experience delivering intelligent seating designed for more complex mobility, seating, and positioning needs. Advanced engineering and sophisticated electronics deliver a personalized chair tailored for the client.

Decades of experience producing market-leading power bases, seating, and advanced electronics, have led to the launch of our most comprehensive power wheelchair. "Years of research and development, listening to our customers and clinicians, and rigorous testing went into this product and it shows," said Jeff Rogers, Sunrise Medical Senior Product Manager, Power Wheelchairs. "With the new exciting features now available on the Q700 M SEDEO ERGO, we took the opportunity to improve some of the things our customers have come to know and love."

Pressure management is important to clients and our patented Biometric Repositioning is designed to mirror the body's movement through changes in seat positions. With this in mind, we are excited to introduce an all-new feature of the Q700 M SEDEO ERGO, the SWITCH-IT Remote Seating mobile app. Compatible with Android and Apple® iOS devices, this easy-to-use app plays an important role in pressure management. The Remote Seating app tracks key seating positions as well as the duration of these positions, allowing the client to monitor their pressure relief progress and securely share the data with their caregiver network. The client maintains control of the data, sharing the information with the clinicians they choose without the inconvenience of logging in and navigating complicated portals. The SWITCH-IT Remote Seating app can help improve a client's success in pressure management and ultimately their health.

The new SEDEO ERGO deep contour back provides additional support. JAY® backs and cushions can easily be added along with WHITMYER® headrests. Combined with our standard ERGO Comfort Seat or the range of JAY cushions and backrests for the most advanced clinical solution, the Q700 M SEDEO ERGO helps the individual maintain good posture and pelvic positioning. For the client's convenience, six programmable positions can be accessed with the touch of a button via our QUICKIE patented assignable buttons technology.

An exciting new advancement is the industry's unique Link-It Mounting System which provides a modular,easy way to mount specialty input devices and additional switches while maintaining a sleek look to the wheelchair. This universal system is easy to position and can combine multiple modules and rods. The Link-It Mounting System allows input devices to be mounted wherever the client has best access to it. This complements the portfolio of Sunrise Medical's SWITCH-IT alternative drive controls to meet the unique needs of clients.

Central to the new high-performance base is QUICKIE's reliable SpiderTrac® 2.0 suspension with patented suspension system which delivers excellent outdoor performance and smooth curb climbing. This mid-wheel drive wheelchair offers a more compact turning radius and unmatched maneuverability with its smaller footprint than rear- or front-wheel drive chairs. All Q700 M bases will have occupied transit tie-down brackets as standard. As the premier power seating system, the Q700 M SEDEO ERGO's superior drive performance, patented Biometric Repositioning, C-Me® 12-inch seat elevate, power recline with anti-shear, advanced mechanics, and industry-leading electronic options enhance the user's comfort and create the ultimate experience.

For videos, images, and additional information, please visit the QUICKIE Q700 M product page.

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