November 2019

From Puppy to Service Dog

From Puppy to Service Dog

As a quad-amputee, I use a power wheelchair to get around. Recently I purchased a goldendoodle puppy who I've named Ollie. Contrary to what he may think, Ollie isn't merely a puppy. Eventually, he'll be my service dog. Though we are currently pretty far away from that phase in our lives, I'm already planning for that future. I'd like to offer a bit of insight into our experiences. Typically, service dogs are chosen for people. Since my approach is a bit different, I'd like to serve as a resource for other people with disabilities who may be in a similar situation.

Posted on 11/5/2019

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11/8/2019 | Stacey Hart
Way to go Kyle. I look forward to reading more about your adventures with Ollie!

10/5/2019 | Erica
Ya know Matt ... if more people lived their life like you have ... creating the life they want wi...

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9/7/2019 | differentgates
Thanks for your amazing tips, these all are very useful for all , and for me more useful,because ...

8/29/2019 | Ayron King
Awesome!! Thank you for sharing your story!

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