National Disability Employment Awareness Month

In 1988, the United States Congress declared October to be National Disability Employment Month to highlight the diverse contributions citizens can make to the workforce in spite of physical limitations. To celebrate this month we would like to draw your attention to some of our bloggers and how they have learned to make their mark on this world.

A car accident at the age of 16 meant Karen Crowfoot would need to re-evaluate her career plans. A slight shift in paths meant a rewarding career in speech and language pathology.

Matt Feeney traded in a cubicle and a prosperous career to pursue his true passion of bringing adaptive sports to everyone.

Greg Callen writes about how he overcame both physical and emotional obstacles to create a bright career and future for himself.

Sunrise Medical is especially proud of our own Lauren Boggs. Working in the engineering field, Lauren is improving people's lives every day and getting paid to do it.

Considering a career in broadcasting? Paul Lane tells his story of how he wouldn't take no for an answer, eventually becoming the Bureau Chief for an ABC News radio affiliate in San Bernardino, CA.

Woman with a disability in an office

These are just a few of the stories that demonstrate the wide variety of talents, passions, and skills available from our bloggers and readers. If you are looking for a new career, or want to feel more satisfied in your work, sometimes all it takes is seeing what someone else has already done to spark a new idea or new path. Share these stories with others to help bring awareness to National Disability Employment Month. Who knows, someone may just find the inspiration they needed to take the first step.

Date: 10/2/2017 12:00:00 AM

Thanks for posting this page - great to see real people getting recognition and it helps to know the effort is valid some days.
10/6/2017 4:39:03 AM

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