May 2020

COVID-19 Tips for Wheelchair Users

COVID-19 Tips for Wheelchair Users

Greetings from Beneficial Designs. My name is Peter Axelson. I am a wheelchair user, designer, and engineer, and I am reaching out today with important information regarding COVID-19 precautions to be taken by wheelchair users.

Posted on 5/19/2020

7 Fun (and Accessible) Things to Do While Self-Isolating

7 Fun (and Accessible) Things to Do While Self-Isolating

During this time of self-isolation, you may find yourself with more free time at home. While this situation can be overwhelming and you may find it difficult to be productive at home, these seven fun and accessible things to do are perfect for filling some free time, and are great options for spending a few minutes before work or winding down after work.

Posted on 5/5/2020

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