June 2021

7 of the Wildest Things I've Been Asked as a Wheelchair User

7 of the Wildest Things I've Been Asked as a Wheelchair User

Life as a wheelchair user is weird sometimes, no doubt. If you ask any wheelchair user, I guarantee that they have been asked at least one of these questions at some point in their life. Here are seven of the wildest things that I have been asked as a wheelchair user, how I actually responded, and how my usually sarcastic self would like to respond next time I'm asked that question.

Posted on 6/8/2021

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11/5/2023 | Dan Giannattasio
I just read the article and I have to say that you are an inspiration not only to caregivers but ...

11/2/2023 | Byrna Armstrong
Thank you for sharing your journey. You both are an amazing example of perserverance, strength a...

11/2/2023 | Jennifer Palmer
You are one strong lady. Being a single mother has to be extremely hard. Thank God that he has gi...

11/1/2023 | Joy Burns
Such a great article about the ups and downs of caregiving. You are definitely on of the best!

11/1/2023 | Mary Lee Grimes
A very informative, beautiful article Sandy! Cory is lucky to have you and you are lucky to have...

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