10 Movies to Get You Dreaming of Your Next Vacation

This time in self-isolation can get a bit monotonous and for many has led to cancelling travel plans. While having to cancel your plans is never fun, there are at least 10 movies that can get you dreaming of your next vacation. Spend some of your self-isolation time watching these movies, all available on a streaming service, and maybe even take some time to plan out your next vacation. That way, when you're available and restrictions have been reduced, you're ready to book the reservations and are quickly on your way to a dream vacation.

These 10 movies were chosen to highlight the countries and travel options you may use to take a trip. Some of these movies are classic vacation or getaway stories, while others offer a look into big cities around the globe, all aiming to get you dreaming of a trip and maybe giving you a new way to watch a familiar film.

1. Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday movie poster

This black-and-white classic from 1953 is the perfect film for dreaming of both old Hollywood and a trip to Rome. The premise? A bored princess explores Rome after sneaking away from her guardian, meets an American newsman, and falls in love. Watching Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck discover romance and the popular attractions in Rome is the perfect start for planning your own Roman holiday. The black-and-white images of Rome are a great base for your research into modern day Rome and planning tours while finding the best luxury hotel for your stay.

Watch it on Amazon Prime Video.

2. Eat Pray Love

Eat Pray Love movie poster

A more modern classic, this film tells the tale of a newly divorced woman taking a three-trip sabbatical to find herself while exploring the world. This is a great escape movie to watch during self-isolation, as the main character strives to find herself and to discover a new direction for her life. While being at home doesn't feel all that explorative, this is the perfect time for self-discovery and journaling. The destinations in this film are Italy, India, and Bali, each showcasing the sights, food, and culture. Watching this movie can both help you plan your next trip to any of these destinations as well as help you take a step or two into getting to know yourself better.

Watch it on IMDb TV.

3. National Lampoon's Vacation

National Lampoon's Vacation movie poster

For those classic roadtrip fans, this film is a comedy centered on a family taking a road trip across the U.S. from Chicago to California. Anyone who has every wanted to plan a full road trip for the family should watch this film and take notes, as nothing seems to go as planned. There's great footage of Chicago, the Grand Canyon, and the desert, as well as unique lodging options beyond the standard hotel. This film will have you laughing and planning your own road trip, ready to pack the car and head out once self-isolation is over.

Watch it on Amazon Prime Video.

4. Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo movie poster

Interested in a family film? Try this undersea favorite. The story follows a father fish who has lost his son. In his search to find him and bring him home, he meets a host of sea creatures who help him travel from his home to Sydney, Australia. Most of the story takes place underwater, which is the perfect starting point for any beach vacation. Later in the film, the story takes you to Sydney and shows off some of the landmarks every tourist must visit. This is a great film to get the family together and can take you to the beach during self-isolation. It's the perfect platform for planning a trip to the beach, Australia, or even a trip to Disney.

Watch it on Disney+.

5. Coco

Coco movie poster

Coco, a more modern Disney film, is another family favorite. The main character is a young boy with a passion for music in a family that has banned what he loves most. He takes a journey into the Land of the Dead to learn of his family's past and their connection to music. This is a beautiful film that transports you to Mexico. The colors and music are wonderful and fun for any age. If you've been curious about Mexico and Mexican culture, this is the perfect first step in planning your trip to Mexico. There are great sights to see, and by the end you'll be ready to book your trip.

Watch it on Disney+.

6. The Hangover

The Hangover movie poster

The phrase "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" is definitely true for this quirky adult comedy about a bachelor party weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada. A group of pals get together to celebrate their friend's wedding, only to partake in adult activity and lose the groom. This film is hilarious, but also does a great job of highlighting the options and entertainment in Vegas. There are lavish hotel suites, gambling, drinking, and getting caught up in some crazy affairs. While self-isolation keeps you from taking a trip to Vegas, this film is close to the real thing and can give you an idea of where you'd like to stay when you can travel.

Watch it on Netflix.

7. Die Another Day

Die Another Day movie poster

Action films can also inspire vacations, like a James Bond classic. This specific movie takes you to the United Kingdom, as well as Cuba and Iceland as Bond investigates terrorists, diamond dealers, and a space weapon. There's a good balance of action and sights to see as well as providing an escape from self-isolation. Transport yourself into a famous spy's life for a few hours and get some ideas on how to plan your next vacation.

Watch it on Netflix.

8. The Darjeeling Limited

The Darjeeling Limited movie poster

Director Wes Anderson creates atmospheric films and this one follows three brothers who are traveling through India by train in an attempt to bond after losing their father. The story provides both drama and comedy as the situation tests their patience and provides unique situations they must work through. The film contains incredible images of India and a look into what a long-distance train trip may feel like. After seeing this film, you will be ready to plan a trip to India or consider booking a train trip of your own.

Watch it on HBO Now/HBO Go.

9. Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation movie poster

Those curious to explore Tokyo, Japan should consider watching this film. The story follows a movie star and a young woman who form a unique bond after crossing paths. In addition to starring two well-known actors, Bill Murray and Scarlet Johansson, the city of Tokyo is a prominent character throughout the film. There are several shots that highlight the size and the unique experience visiting Tokyo offers, and that is perfect for setting you off on your dream vacation to Japan.

Watch it on Starz.

10. Midnight in Paris

Midnight in Paris movie poster

Paris, France is often a bucket list destination for many people, and this film highlights the location perfectly. Midnight in Paris is the story of a screenwriter who walks the streets of Paris at night, discovering that he's magically transported back to the 1920s at midnight. This is a great film to help you escape self-isolation and visit Paris twice, both during the present day and in the Roaring Twenties. The cobblestone streets and magic in the air gives you an idea of what it's like to travel to Paris and experience it all for yourself.

Watch it on IMDb TV.

Watching movies during self-isolation is a great way to escape your home for a few hours and help you dream of your next vacation. While exploring the world can feel far away right now, these films can help you find the joy and fun in planning a vacation, and give you great ideas into where you want to travel next and what you hope your trip will look like.

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