July 2021

How to Make This the Best Summer Ever

How to Make This the Best Summer Ever

Summer is officially in full swing and I couldn't be more excited. After all, last year at this time, I was sitting in my house binging Netflix and scared to go outside. It's certainly been an interesting year and a half for us all, but with more and more vaccinations rolling out and things starting to get somewhat back to normal, I'm determined to make this the best summer ever!

Posted on 7/13/2021

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7/14/2021 | Mike Dorfman
It's a very helpful blog. I got lots of information from this blog. It's a very interesting topic...

7/13/2021 | Donald Norris Fessman jr
I Kirk, my name is Don and I wanted to thank you for your inspiration. I've been a professional ...

6/18/2021 | MaryKay
You really nailed it with your "How I Would Like to Respond" comebacks. Thanks for the laughs!

6/17/2021 | martha motta
You are a delight Cory with a wonderful sense of humor. I enjoyed the read

6/10/2021 | MaryPat
Great article Cory. The audacity and stupidity of people can be shocking.

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