July 2020

7 Tips for Maintaining Your Power Wheelchair Batteries

7 Tips for Maintaining Your Power Wheelchair Batteries

Over the past few years, battery technology has come a long way. However, some of the advice provided regarding the maintenance of power wheelchair batteries has not made great progress. This has led to a series of confusing and sometimes contradictory instructions about the "best" way to take care of batteries. In this article we will clear up some of these myths and give you seven tips for you to follow.

Posted on 7/28/2020

7 Things to Know Before Starting a Blog

7 Things to Know Before Starting a Blog

Social media is a popular method of creating a community online, but a blog or website can also help you take your content to the next level. Creating a blog is relatively simple on the surface, but you should know these seven things before you start a blog, as each point can help you create a solid foundation for becoming a successful blogger.

Posted on 7/14/2020

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I just read the article and I have to say that you are an inspiration not only to caregivers but ...

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Thank you for sharing your journey. You both are an amazing example of perserverance, strength a...

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You are one strong lady. Being a single mother has to be extremely hard. Thank God that he has gi...

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Such a great article about the ups and downs of caregiving. You are definitely on of the best!

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A very informative, beautiful article Sandy! Cory is lucky to have you and you are lucky to have...

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