January 2022

5 New Year Resolutions Worth Sticking To

5 New Year Resolutions Worth Sticking To

As the new year begins for 2022, so do our desires for a fresh start. People want to do better; be better; and find success, happiness, and joy in their lives. Why not make resolutions that come easily and make you a better person, both physically and mentally? Let's talk about it! Here are five resolutions that you can actually stick with for 2022.

Posted on 1/11/2022

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1/11/2022 | Timothy A Guetling
I am interested in these chairs esp the Magic Mobility Mobile Extreme 8. & the power beach chair,...

1/7/2022 | Jemimah kutata
Thank you very much indeed for this inspiring advocates of disability. I am a woman with disabili...

8/28/2021 | Anna Wisniewski
Hi, this is the first I've heard of helper monkeys. what a great idea! I am disabled, and have li...

8/14/2021 | Brenda king
I am a double amputee...I would love to have a service monkey

8/11/2021 | Shammy P
Thanks for pointing out that you mmu8st file for benefits consideration with the VA as quickly as...

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