January 2021

5 Fantastic Things We'll Remember About 2020

5 Fantastic Things We'll Remember About 2020

I'd love to share five things that I loved about 2020. I realize how fortunate I am to even be able to say that, considering that more than 400,000 Americans have died due to the pandemic, but I want to take a few minutes to let go of the bad and focus on the good in 2020.

Posted on 1/19/2021

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1/6/2021 | Catherine Jewell
Currently, I am working from home. I have many difficulties in balancing work and life. Your arti...

12/19/2020 | Vicki Combs
I like the angle you will be using for your comments. As a from-birth disabled lesbian, it didn't...

12/10/2020 | Leanna Boyle
That’s why I don’t understand why people use the term “confined to a wheelchair” because if someo...

11/7/2020 | Eugene Buchholz
Paralyzed from waist down late December 2017 , 78 years old. previously very active music teache...

9/9/2020 | Jessi
That's amazing

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