Adaptive Parenting Triumphs

July 3rd, 2011 is a date etched in my family's memory – a turning point that unfolded with a life-altering automobile accident resulting in a C5-C6 spinal cord injury. The aftermath brought moments of doubt and a descent to rock bottom, but through unwavering perseverance, I navigated the challenges that followed. Early on, I resolved to give me all to this "new" life, refusing to let the injury dictate my future. My only limitation would be my mind.

During inpatient rehab, a bond blossomed between me and a woman named Brittney. Married on August 22nd, 2015, we harbored dreams of starting a family. After unsuccessful attempts and a journey through in vitro fertilization and other fertility treatments, we shifted our focus to adoption. Despite facing false leads and scams in our quest, we remained steadfast.

The concept of embryo adoption surfaced in mid-2022, leading us to embark on this path. The initial embryo transfer in late 2022 resulted in a miscarriage, yet we persisted, commencing medication for a subsequent attempt in early 2023. Amidst this, a neighbor approached us about adoption, aligning with our ongoing efforts. Facing a unique situation, we decided to pursue both options simultaneously, recognizing the uncertainties based on our history.

A recurring concern during this decision-making process was whether I could effectively care for a child with my spinal cord injury. The anxiety was palpable. In early March 2023, our joy knew no bounds as we learned we would be adopting our daughter, Charlie. Simultaneously, the embryo transfer proved successful, revealing Brittney's pregnancy. Our excitement doubled as we anticipated two additions to our family.

However, a routine ultrasound in May of 2023 unveiled an unexpected surprise: triplets. With less than a 1% chance of conceiving triplets, shock ensued. The question of whether I could contribute meaningfully to raising three children loomed large. Determined to adapt, I embraced creative solutions, leading to what I now term "adaptive parenting."

Zac with his wife and children

Prior to Charlie's arrival in July 2023, practical discussions with Brittney eased my initial nervousness. Armed with a customized crib and aided by tools like the Boppy pillow, I navigated feeding challenges with limited upper body strength. Strategically incorporating the Snuggle Me, I could lift Charlie from the floor to my lap. Essential additions like a wheeled changing table and the LapBaby belt facilitated daily activities.

Accessible crib

The arrival of Knox, Noa, and Navie prompted a three-pronged approach. A wagon equipped with Snuggle Me nests became a mobile solution for transporting the children around the house. Innovative techniques allowed me to manage car seats independently, turning potential hurdles into manageable tasks.

Certainly, there are tasks that I can't undertake, but my partnership with Brittney has been pivotal. Recognizing and accepting weaknesses, we developed a systematic approach tailored to our unique circumstances. In the journey of parenting four beautiful babies, we've discovered the importance of self-awareness, adaptation, and collaboration.

Zac with his child

Reflecting on my 12 years in a wheelchair, I've unearthed profound insights into my resilience and the power of the human mind. Life's challenges may be formidable, but the journey is undeniably beautiful. For me, the revelation of "why" lies in these four beautiful babies and my loving wife. Life, despite its toughness, is a ride well worth embracing.

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Zac Wolfe

Zac Wolfe became a wheelchair user after a car accident in July 2011. He quickly learned that he had two choices: continue to live his life and explore this beautiful world or let this injury defeat him. Zac chose to live and explore. Zac is a huge outdoors enthusiast and loves off-roading in his Jeep. He made it his life goal to help others keep pushing forward and see that anything is possible with a positive attitude. It may not be easy, but it is worth it. Throughout his 12-year journey in a wheelchair, he has overcome unthinkable obstacles. Zac has a beautiful wife and has been blessed with four beautiful children: Charlie, Knox, Noa, and Navie.

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