5 of the Most Romantic (and Accessible) Destinations

Choosing a romantic destination to celebrate something like Valentine's Day, your honeymoon, or an anniversary can be an exciting undertaking. Planning a trip to spend quality time with your significant other is often a fun bonding moment, or a great way to surprise your sweetheart.

These are five of the most romantic destinations to consider, not only for the way they help you connect with your partner, but also because they offer plenty of accessibility. A romantic destination should give you plenty of opportunities to focus on you, your partner, and your relationship. Choosing one of these destinations will help fulfill all your accessibility needs so you can focus on the trip and bonding during your stay.

1. Maui, Hawaii

The first romantic destination to consider is Maui, Hawaii. When people think of romantic vacations, many think of sandy beaches, waves, and island sunsets. And for good reason! This is a great destination for lounging by the pool, renting a private cabana, spending quality time in your suite, or just enjoying the resort. All of these activities give you plenty of opportunities to spend time together and connect without any distraction. Beyond the resort, you can enjoy local dining, catch a fantastic celebratory luau, do some shopping & sight-seeing, and visit beaches in the surrounding area.

A romantic meal by the ocean sunset

A great wheelchair accessible resort is the Kihei Worldmark Wyndham. This resort has several wheelchair accessible rooms and is directly across the street from a beach. Consider choosing a resort that is close to the activities you like to do while you're in Maui, as it can make wheelchair accessible transportation easier. This will also save you from renting a wheelchair accessible van, which can be the best option if you're planning to explore more of the island beyond the resort.

In addition to being a romantic destination, Maui is also a great place for an adventure vacation. There are plenty of beaches to visit and local tours to take for a low-key self-guided adventure. Or check out a variety of accessible adventurous activities you can participate in, including: watching the sunrise from the top of a volcano, whale watching, taking a helicopter tour, and kayaking.

2. Paris, France

One of the most romantic destinations that immediately comes to mind is Paris, France. Just thinking of the city draws images of kissing under the Eiffel Tower, enjoying slow breakfasts and afternoons at a cafe with coffee and pastries, and taking in the city both in terms of sights and the atmosphere. Plus, there's plenty to do in the city, from dining and taking tours, to taking your time to enjoy each other's company while strolling by the river.

A great hotel recommendation is The Grand Hotel du Palais Royal, a luxurious and relaxing hotel with a great location in the city. Being in the center of Paris gives you access to everything. The rooms are wheelchair accessible with roll-in showers and plenty of space to navigate the room as well as the lobby and common areas. Thi sis a great place for enjoying the hotel itself, as there are dining options on property as well as a complimentary buffet breakfast, and a wheelchair accessible spa.

Choosing a hotel in the center of the city saves you on transportation, as many places are within walking distance. You'll be able to take your time each morning to connect and choose where to explore. With just a short five-to-ten minute walk/roll to the Louvre Museum is just one of the reasons that makes Paris one of the most romantic and accessible destinations.

3. Venice, Italy

With romance in the air, Venice, Italy can be the perfect romantic destination. Thinking of the gondolas in the waterways, the amazing architecture, and the bustling local vibe gives you the perfect place to enjoy together. Taking a trip to Venice gives you the time to focus on each other, exploring a new location with walks along the water, gelato, and amazing food all in a romantic, old world city. Venice was once considered very inaccessible to wheelchair users, but has since become very viable as an accessible destination.

Uniquely, Venice doesn't have roads. Instead, it's made of footpaths while eliminates the need for curb cuts. Due to the way the city operates, many stairways have ramps added and other ramps extended to allow wheelchairs, as well as deliveries, easy access. You can explore via water bus at the train station, which offers reduced fares for wheelchair users. This is a great way to explore the city, take in the view, and enjoy the water.

There are a wide range of hotels that offer wheelchair accessibility, depending on where you would like to stay and the access you need. Piazza San Marco, or St. Mark's Square, is a great destination for tours and exploring, while the Castello district offers that quaint, classic Italian neighborhood atmosphere.

4. Reykjavik, Iceland

When I think of romance, I think of beautiful natural landscapes, and Reykjavik, Iceland certainly delivers. This could be considered one of the most romantic destinations because it gives you and your partner a completely new experience and place to discover together. Not everyone considers the beach to be their must-visit romantic destination, so for those who love cold, snowy weather and breathtaking views, this is a great opportunity.

There are plenty of romantic things to do in Reykjavik, from booking a wheelchair accessible tour that will give you the opportunity to visit any museums or natural destinations knowing that they will be accessible, to spending the day at Blue Lagoon, a natural hot spring for a day at the spa. A couple's massage is often a great Valentine's Day gift, so why not use this as your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy a natural spa together in a beautiful wintery paradise?

Choosing to visit Iceland isn't your typical resort-style stay, as there's so much to explore, even at a leisurely pace. Picking a hotel can be tricky but completely feasible; just consider your needs before picking a place to stay. Booking transportation ahead of time with an accessible car service is the best way to see the sights and will allow you to focus on enjoying every excursion along with spending time with your sweetheart.

5. Oslo, Norway

Lastly, if you're looking for a beautiful mountainous destination with plenty to see and do, which can be fast- or slow-paced, consider Oslo, Norway. Being able to visit a glacier, see the mountains, and a range of color gives you the perfect opportunity for a romantic getaway to celebrate the beauty in your relationship while in a beautiful place. Norway is constantly working to make their cities and destinations more inclusive and wheelchair accessible, giving you a destination that lets you focus on your experience.

Oslo is a great place to visit, no matter the time of year, as there are wonderful parks to spend your warm afternoons in, museums to visit for long afternoons, and either a railway tour or a ship tour of the fjords to explore the scenic location and enjoy the water. Oslo offers lots of accessibility, from ramps and alternate entrances in museums to dining facilities, ramps on each floor, and wide spaces. It's best to call ahead when planning this trip to ensure everything is accessible and you know how to prepare. The hotel can also be very useful when planning excursions and will offer the proper accommodations to suit your needs.

These five romantic and accessible destinations offer plenty of natural beauty and opportunity to connect with your significant other. When planning a romantic getaway, whether as a surprise or together in celebration, each of these destinations will make it easy to focus on the fun and the connection with little need to research accessibility. You can visit any of these destinations excited to explore and ready to enjoy both the location and each other's company.

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