August 2023

How Many Wheelchairs Are Enough?

How Many Wheelchairs Are Enough?

Six years ago, my 49-year-old wife, J., survived a severe hemorrhagic stroke that left her with limited ability to control her arms and legs. This event started a complex and often frustrating journey figuring out how to help her exist in this new reality. One major area of concern throughout has been mobility, which prompts the question, "How many wheelchairs are enough?"

Posted on 8/29/2023

7 Children's Books Featuring a Character with a Disability

7 Children's Books Featuring a Character with a Disability

As I grew older and the World Wide Web became much easier to access, I began my search for all the books focusing on characters with a disability that I could get my hands on. In fact, I even wrote one myself, so that no other kid in a wheelchair would ever have to grow up not seeing themselves represented in a storybook character. Here is a list of seven children's books that have a main character with a disability.

Posted on 8/15/2023

Disability and Infertility

Disability and Infertility

Living as a person with a disability has its challenges. As a result of a motor vehicle accident in 2003, I am a T-12 incomplete paraplegic. Over my many years as a wheelchair user, I have generally figured out ways to make things work for my specific needs and have done my best to prepare for what life throws at me. However, when my husband and I decided to have a baby, I was absolutely unprepared for what I would unknowingly go through.

Posted on 8/1/2023

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