April 2022

9 Tips to Keep Employees with Disabilities Safe on the Job

9 Tips to Keep Employees with Disabilities Safe on the Job

Millions of people with physical or mental disabilities in the United States need to work in order to support themselves and their families. They might have difficulties performing some tasks that able bodied people would not, but they still deserve a safe workplace. This article will highlight some ways managers successfully provide safety training to those with disabilities.

Posted on 4/19/2022

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5/2/2022 | Amy Wood
This is fantastic advice! I am taking my chair Quickie Salsa M2 on a flight to Spain. This will b...

4/18/2022 | Mrs. Lisa Kelly
I want to thank you for giving this insightful list of people living with challenges and making a...

1/11/2022 | Timothy A Guetling
I am interested in these chairs esp the Magic Mobility Mobile Extreme 8. & the power beach chair,...

1/7/2022 | Jemimah kutata
Thank you very much indeed for this inspiring advocates of disability. I am a woman with disabili...

8/28/2021 | Anna Wisniewski
Hi, this is the first I've heard of helper monkeys. what a great idea! I am disabled, and have li...

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