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Pelvic & Spinal Postures

Pelvic & Spinal Postures

Clinical Assessment Goals:

  • Identify posture/orthopedic asymmetries at each body segment.
  • Is asymmetry reducible or non-reducible?
  • Measure angles in frontal, sagittal, and transverse plane.
  • Absolute angles measure angles between a line connecting 2 points of reference on the body and a neutral/plumb line.
  • Angles which have moved clockwise from neutral axis are (-).
  • Angles which have moved counter-clockwise from neutral axis are (+).

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Seating & Wheelchair Angles

Seating & Wheelchair Angles

It is important for the clinician to properly assess and document angular body measures and angular support surface measures when evaluating a client for seating and wheeled mobility equipment. As referenced in Clinical Application Guide to Standardized Wheelchair Seating Measures of the Body and Seating Support Surfaces, Revised Edition (Waugh & Crane, 2013), angular measurements can be measured in relative and absolute angles. It is important to utilize the angular body measures when recommending support surface measures.

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