July 2019

A Goal to Survive

A Goal to Survive

From a very young age I was competing in sports, starting with competitive skiing at four years old. It's always been a part of me and has always been my biggest passion. Aside from skiing and golfing, which I competed in for 12 years, I also played badminton and basketball in high school. Then of course, there were my other hobbies like mountain biking, hiking, ping pong, squash, and more.

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Horticultural Therapy at Growing Gardens

Horticultural Therapy at Growing Gardens

Gardeners have long known that a little sun and soil does the body good. Not only does it provide a great source of exercise, but it's also considered a great leisure activity that's relaxing and incredibly restorative. Plus, gardening is also a wonderful opportunity to make friends and engage with others in the community.

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5 Packing Tips for Wheelchair Users

5 Packing Tips for Wheelchair Users

Packing for any trip can be tricky, as it's difficult to predict what you'll need, let alone taking the weather and your trip activities into consideration. Wheelchair users experience even more packing difficulties, as there has to be extra space for wheelchair accessories, maintenance items, mobility equipment, and medication, too.

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21st century scientific is the company that does leg bag. Here is a link to the site — http://www...

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3/31/2019 | Carol Ramón-Youkhanna
Thank you, Cory! Loved reading about your adventures. I’m so glad I found your site on FB. I try ...

1/8/2019 | Deborah
As always you inspire me & others... you my Friend are a true testament of what life is... thank ...

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