From Invention to Perfection. Celebrating 10 Years of the IRIS!


We are celebrating the 10 Year Anniversary of the Quickie® IRIS, the industry’s first rotation-in-space wheelchair! Developed in 2003, the IRIS revolutionized tilt-in-space technology forever by creating a system that rotated the seat frame around the user’s center-of-gravity.

A leader in tilt technology since its launch, the IRIS has evolved and improved over the years. But, its most fundamental principle has remained the same: rotating the seat frame around the user’s center-of-gravity creates the most comfortable and secure tilting motion for the user, requires the least amount of effort from the caregiver, and allows for the shortest possible wheelbase for easy maneuverability.

Click the link below to see the 360° view of the IRIS and watch the new "Meet Jane" video about a super caregiver on a quest for the best chair for her daughter!

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