Signing up
  1. Once entering, click on My Sunrise.
  2. Under "Not Registered Yet? Sign up now", select what best describes you as a user. (i.e. "I am a Consumer/Dealer")
    *PLEASE NOTE: A My Sunrise Account gives you access to the following:
    • Dealers: Quote products, place orders, view technical support resources
    • Clinicians: Sign up for CEU courses
    • Consumer: Register your product, see upcoming events and news.
  3. Read the User Agreement. After you agree to the terms, you are able to fill out the online application. You are asked to enter your account number and fill out the online application.
    Hint: Select a username between 5-12 characters that you will remember.
  4. Upon a successful sign up, you will receive an e-mail asking you to reply to confirm that your e-mail address is valid. When the webmaster receives your reply e-mail, your online account will be activated and you'll receive a confirmation e-mail when your account is ready for use.

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What if I did not receive the activation e-mail?
Signing in
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Changing password
How to turn off Internet Explorer popup blocker
How to check your browser version
How to clear your browser cache
How to adjust your browser zoom
How to allow Sunrise Medical pop-ups in Chrome

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