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Q7™ NextGEN

Even stronger,
still the lightest wheelchair

The Quickie® Q7™ wheelchair combines cutting edge ultra lightweight wheelchair technology, ergonomic design, and premium materials.  Designed for superior handling, efficiency, and speed, the Q7 is the lightest wheelchair we've ever manufactured.

View Available Colors:

Bead Blast
Black Opal
Candy Blue
Candy Purple
Candy Red
Blue Opal
Sparkle Silver
Titanium Color Paint
Matte Black
Stars & Stripes
Mossy Oak Camouflage
Desert Camouflage
Hot Sparkle Pink
Green Apple
Electric Blue
Black Cherry
Aztec Gold
Mauve Pink
Sunrise Orange
Matte Black Cherry
Matte Purple
Matte Evergreen
Matte Electric Blue
QUICKIE Q7 Lightweight Rigid Frame Wheelchair

Starting from:

$ 2425

Technical Specifications
Model Number EIR4
Starting Retail Price Adjustable: $2,425
Active Rigid: $2,725
Frame Style Rigid
HCPCS Code K0005
Wheelchair Weight Adjustable:
Standard Configuration: 18.4 lbs.
Transport: 11.1 lbs.
Transport without Wheel Locks: 10 lbs.
Lightest Complete Configuration: 14.1 lbs.

Active Rigid:
Standard Configuration: 17.4 lbs.
Transport: 9.7 lbs.
Transport without Wheel Locks: 8.6 lbs.
Lightest Complete Configuration: 13.3 lbs.

Weights based on common size (16" x 16") and can vary based on wheelchair configuration and material tolerances. Weights subject to change without notice.
Frame Material Aluminum
User Weight Capacity 265 lbs.
Transit Approved Yes
Shipping Dimensions 31" L x 24" H x 24" W
Average Shipping Weight 50 lbs.
Frame and Feature Measurements
Seat Widths 12" to 20"
Seat Depths 12" to 20"
Frame Angle 75°, 80°, 85°
Front Seat-to-Floor Height 16" to 21"
Rear Seat-to-Floor Height 13" to 20"
Lower Leg Length Setting N/A
Back Height 8" to 20"
Angle Adjustable Backrest Adjustment Range -27° to 8° (adjustable model only)
Camber 0°, 3°, 6°
Center of Gravity (COG) Adjustment 0" to 4"
Tilt Range N/A
Options & Accessories
Frame Type Standard
Welded Standard (Active Rigid)
Welded Classic (Active Rigid)
Depth Adjustable Back
Special Packages Performance:
Single Sided Fork
Ultra Lightweight Wheel
Schwalbe Marathon Plus Evolution
Compact Wheel Lock

Ultra Lite Package:
Ultra Lite Seat Sling
Ultra Lightweight Wheel
Schwalbe Speed Run Tire
Compact Wheel Lock
Tilt Release Options N/A
Frame Inset 0", 1" or 2"
Caster Wheels 3" Micro
4" Low Profile Polyurethane
4" Micro Lighted
4" x 1" Aluminum Polyurethane
4" x 1.25" Semi Pneumatic
4" x 1.5" Aluminum Soft Roll
5" Low Profile Polyurethane
5" Micro lighted
5" x 1" Aluminum Polyurethane
5" x 1.5" Semi-Pneumatic
5" Soft Roll (Grey)
5" x 1.5" Aluminum Soft Roll
6" Polyurethane
6" Pneumatic
6" x 1.5" Semi Pneumatic
6" x 1.5" Aluminum Soft Roll
Caster Options N/A
Hangers N/A
Footplates Aluminum Tubular
Aluminum Tubular w/ Snap-on Cover
Angle Adjustable Flip Back
Ultra Lite Platform
Footplate Options Adaptive Platform Spacers (2", 4", 6")
Wear Pads
Position Plates
Axle Quick Release Steel
Quad Quick Release
Axle Plate Adjustable COG
Rear Wheel Type 20" Mag Wheel
22" Mag Wheel
24" Mag Wheel
20" Lite Spoke Wheel
22" Lite Spoke Wheel
24" Lite Spoke Wheel
25" Lite Spoke Wheel
26" Lite Spoke Wheel
22" Ultra Lightweight Spoke Wheel 2.0
24" Ultra Lightweight Spoke Wheel 2.0
25" Ultra Lightweight Spoke Wheel 2.0
22" Spinergy SPOX Black
24" Spinergy SPOX Black
25" Spinergy SPOX Black
26" Spinergy SPOX Black
22" Spinergy LX Black
24" Spinergy LX Black
25" Spinergy LX Black
26" Spinergy LX Black
24" Mountain
Rear Wheel Tire Pneumatic
Pneumatic with Airless Insert
Full Poly
High-Pressure Clincher
Knobby V-TRAK
Schwalbe® Marathon Plus Evolution
Schwalbe® Speed Run
Kik® Mako Black
Mountain Tire
Handrims Aluminum Anodized
Plastic Coated
Natural Fit - Standard Grip
Natural Fit - Super Grip
Natural Fit LT - Standard Grip
Natural Fit LT - Super Grip
Spinergy Flex Rim
Hub Lock N/A
Suspension 4-Link Rear Suspension
Frog Legs Caster Suspension
Backrest Type Folding Lock-Down Angle Adjustable
Non-Folding Angle-Adjustable
Depth Adjustable
Back Post Options Integral Push Handles
Fold Down Push Handles
Backrest Options Standard Towel Bar - 4" offset
Low Profile Towel Bar - 2" offset
Narrow Backrest Inset
Back Upholstery Standard
Tension Adjustable Ballistic Nylon
Tension Adjustable 3DX Vented
Military Service Patches Marines
Air Force
Coast Guard
Purple Heart
Armrests Padded Swing-Away
Single Post Height Adjustable Standard
Single Post Height Adjustable Low
Arm Pads Desk Length - Classic
Desk Length - Contour
Full Length - Classic
Full Length - Contour
Wheel Locks Direct Mount
High Mount Push
High Mount Pull
Ergo Scissor
6" Extension Handle Pair
Seating Standard Seat Sling
Ultra Seat Sling
Power Assist Quickie Xtender™ with 4x Torque Multiplier and Pneumatic Wheels
Xtender Spare Nimh Power Pack
SPARE 24" Spoke Pneumatic Alum
SPARE 24" Spoke Pneumatic Plastic
Grade Aid N/A
Anti-Tips Rear Anti-tips
Side Guards Plastic - Standard
Plastic - Low
Aluminum with Fender
Carbon Fiber
Side Guard Options Frame color match for Aluminum or Aluminum with Fender
Positioning Belts 1.5" Auto Buckle
2" Aircraft Buckle
2" Padded Aircraft Buckle
Tray Tables N/A
Accessories Quickie Backpack
Zippie Backpack
Seat Pouch
Clear Spoke Guard
Black Spoke Guard
Gel Cover Hanger/Frame
Gel Cover Swing-Away Armrest
Extra Leg Strap Black
Impact Guard Neoprene
Crutch Holder
Tool Kit
Frame Color Options Aztec Gold
Bead Blast
Black Cherry
Black Opal
Blue Opal
Candy Blue
Candy Purple
Candy Red
Electric Blue
Glossy White
Green Apple
Hot Sparkle Pink
Mauve Pink
Sparkle Silver
Sunrise Orange
Titanium Color Paint
Matte Black
Matte Black Cherry
Matte Electric Blue
Matte Evergreen
Matte Purple
Desert Camouflage
Mossy Oak Camouflage
Stars & Stripes
Anodized Color Options Black
Ti Grey

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