Safe and convenient portable wheelchair for you and your companion

BREEZY travel wheelchairs are compact and lightweight, making caregiver-assisted transport safe, convenient, and comfortable.


BREEZY lightweight wheelchairs are built using lightweight aluminum and are great options when you need to use a wheelchair more frequently, want a higher level of adjustability, or have unique needs.They include premium upholstery options and adjustable components to provide superior comofort throughout the day.

BREEZY retail wheelchairs are the best choice when you don't want to wait for reimbursement approval for your wheelchair. They are designed for maximum comfort and convenience for you and your family members.
BREEZY travel wheelchairs are designed to make caregiver-assisted travel safe, convenient, and comfortable. Whether traveling to and from the house, to and from the car, or doing short errands, these wheelchairs offer comfortable sitting surfaces, narrow frames, and fold easily for storage.

BREEZY standard wheelchairs are crafted from durable steel frames and are perfect for occassional or short-term use. Whether propelling the wheelchair using your arms, feet, or with assistance from a caregiver, standard wheelchairs include adjustable components and folding frames for comfort and convenience.