July 2018

10 Adapted Sports for an Active Life

10 Adapted Sports for an Active Life

Besides improving physical form, playing sports has a positive influence on psychological development and mood, which undoubtedly favors quality of life. This, coupled with the proliferation and formalization of specific associations, federations, and regulations, makes adapted sports more and more attractive among people with disabilities, who can practice them from amateur levels to competitive levels.

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Video Game Accessibility

Video Game Accessibility

Three was an important age for me. On top of receiving my first power wheelchair, I also began playing video games. Because I am a quad-amputee, using a standard controller wasn't an option for me. So my dad bought me an arcade-style controller. With that, he had inadvertently changed my life forever.

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4 Lessons from 4 Years Together

4 Lessons from 4 Years Together

Our four-year anniversary was simple. We took the time to really enjoy one another and reflect on our accomplishments as a couple. This blog post is based on that reflection. I’d like to share with you the four most important things I have learned about dating someone in a wheelchair these past four years.

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7/6/2018 | Melissa Ralston
Please come to Mecklenburg County in Charlotte!

5/25/2018 | Amelia Cooper
Hawai’i and Florida are both very accessible too. They have wheelchair accessible taxis and buses...

5/24/2018 | Aaron
I'm guessing you've never been to Florida?

2/28/2018 | Frédérique BESNARD
Hello Thank your for sharing your travel I love so much Ireland and futthermore with your story...

2/27/2018 | Eva Veilleux
What an awesome and enlightening story. We live in a world where people are just "too busy" so it...

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