April 2018

Maintaining Your Manual Wheelchair

Maintaining Your Manual Wheelchair

Proper wheelchair maintenance is key to ensuring the mobility, performance, and safety of your equipment. In this post we'll touch upon some of the recommendations for the daily care of your wheelchair and upon which things you should check most regularly.

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8 Recommended Novels About Disability

8 Recommended Novels About Disability

Throughout the history of literature, authors have thought up characters based on their personal experiences or of others they have known, creating unique personalities that take on a life of their own. These eight books that deal with disability are examples of just that.

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Be Different

Be Different

Through many failed attempts at being normal or the same, I've learned one major thing: being the same is so overrated. My mother even said to me one time, "Vahen, if you didn't have some drama in your life to content with, you'd be bored." She was definitely telling me that I was different, but I wanted to make a difference!

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