April 2014

Moving Forward with Center of Gravity

Moving Forward with Center of Gravity

As someone who spends a great deal of time consulting others on manual wheel chair prescription and teaching about seating and configuring manual wheelchairs, I cannot help but observe and analyze every wheelchair I see at a mall, airport, playground, or wherever else I may roam.

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9/16/2017 | judi togel online
very interesting indeed, I want to buy one :)

9/15/2017 | Max Sayer
Checking credentials is a great point. I never would have thought of that when looking for some w...

9/7/2017 | Nicola
Good article and good advice. I totally agree with you that you need to research exactly what typ...

3/8/2017 | Roger Mascull
Thanks Tamara! Yes - I agree wholeheartedly regarding “Posture 24/7”... We had been heavily i...

7/26/2016 | Braden Bills
My parents have been getting old, so I want to make sure they have all of the equipment they need...