Pull up a Seat - Meet JAY® and Jeff Rogers

Pull up a Seat - Meet JAY® and Jeff Rogers

Seating and positioning is one of the most important aspects of creating the best wheeled mobility system for a client, so during my career at Sunrise I have spent a great deal of time working with our product managers and JAY® engineers. In order to order to gain bit more insight into the world of JAY®, I decided to interview JAY® Product Manager, Jeff Rogers.

Who is Jeff Rogers and what does he do?

Jeff Rogers is originally from Fresno, California where he studied Engineering at California State University at Fresno. He started his career at Sunrise Medical as a Manufacturing Engineer, transitioned to a Design Engineer, and in 2005 Jeff was offered the opportunity to move to the product management team. In his current role as the JAY® Product Manager, Jeff works out of the Boulder, Colorado office and oversees the entire line of JAY® products offered by Sunrise, including out-of-the-box and custom seating products. As a Product Manager, his role includes traveling to meet with end users, clinicians, caregivers, suppliers, physicians, etc. to gain insight into the needs of the individuals using and recommending JAY® products. According to Jeff, one of the most fulfilling aspects of his job is taking the information he hears from customers back to the engineering team and creating solutions to meet those needs. Whether it is a new design for a cushion, option for a backrest, or tools to make it easier for customers to order products, Jeff and the JAY® team strive each day to improve people's lives.

For over 30 years, the JAY® product management team has developed products based on research and customer feedback that provide the optimal combination of support, comfort, and skin protection. JAY® is known for developing and utilizing industry leading technology such as structural foam, JAY® Flow™ fluid, Aqua-guard zippers, anti-wicking seam thread, and 4-way stretch material. With all of the fantastic technology and options, selecting the best product for a user may seem daunting so I asked Jeff a few common questions I am asked in the field.

Angie Kiger: Why is the portfolio of JAY® cushions so large?
Jeff Rogers: “Initially, I was also confused by this, but it’s really quite simple. Our bodies are all unique and thinking one cushion could fit everyone is just not realistic. Everyone has unique needs and our goal at JAY® is to provide a seating solution, not just something to sit on.”

AK: What is the difference between gel and JAY® Flow™ Fluid?
JR: “Let’s think about the difference between a gel and a fluid. Gelatin, (yes, the dessert commonly adored by children) is an example of a gel. If you press down on gelatin you will see that it conforms slightly; however, you have to press harder and harder in order to immerse deeply into it. Now, when you immerse into a fluid such as water, it conforms to your exact shape evenly distributing pressure all around to almost feel like you are weightless. So what does this mean? The pressures that are created to conform to gel are far greater than created by a fluid such as JAY® Flow™ fluid.

Now of course it is not feasible for a person to sit in a tub of fluid at all times, so we have spent the last 30 years perfecting our fluid pouch which is designed to help allow the individual sitting in a JAY® cushion to immerse into the fluid and not be restricted by the pouch that is holding it.”

AK: Do you have any insider tips for choosing the best cushion for a client?
JR: “Absolutely! In fact, recently we created the JAY® Signature Series, which is comprised of the most elite of JAY®'s superior clinical seating. As a part of this project we developed a selection tool that looks at side-to-side stability, forward stability, and skin protection for each of the six cushions in the Signature Series to help clinicians, suppliers, and consumers understand why each one would be selected.”

Cushions are just one aspect of the vast portfolio offered by Sunrise through the JAY® product line. Would you like to learn more about selecting a standard back versus custom seating? How about understanding the different accessories and headrests available? We encourage you to leave a comment or send us an email.

Always remember at the end of the day, your client is your number one priority!
- Angie

Disclaimer: The contents of this blog are intended to be utilized as a general resource for clinicians and suppliers to then use clinical reasoning skills to determine optimal seating and mobility solutions for individual clients. Steve and Angie are unable to answer questions from members of the general public including caregivers and end users. Members of the general public should direct specific questions to their own clinicians, medical, suppliers, or other health care professionals.

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