"Improving People's Lives" on World Cerebral Palsy (CP) Day

"Improving People's Lives" on World Cerebral Palsy (CP) Day

Nearly every week growing up I spent time with my cousins. Whether it was eating Saturday evening supper at Granddaddy and Granny's or going to Sunday School, it was pretty much guaranteed my family would get together with the "Other Kigers" at some point each week. Looking back I am sure my parents, aunt, and uncle had a sweet deal because with one boy and two girls in each family we were evenly matched and entertained ourselves. Susan was the oldest cousin and oldest girl, so what the girls played was typically driven by what Susan wanted to do. If the weather was nice we would head outside to shoot basketball and play a rousing game of "HORSE", but if it was raining we could bet on playing the card game UNO for hours on end. While we were making those lasting memories, the subtle adjustments or adaptations we made to the activities so Susan could participate never crossed our minds. As we got older the difference became a bit more obvious. Eventually, I understood a term I would hear the adults in my life say, "Cerebral Palsy" (CP); however, CP did not define Susan. Throughout my life Susan has inspired me in many aspects of my life, including the career path that I chose.

Mimi in the Zippie® IRIS™ with the NEW MONO Backrest System.

Today, I have the honor of working for a company whose mission statement is "Improving People's Lives" and individuals with CP are some of the lives we strive to improve. Speaking with firsthand knowledge, I can tell you Sunrise Medical takes that mission statement very seriously. Not only from the innovative products we develop and manufacture such as the recently released MONO™ Backrest System, but also to the initiatives we support.

October 1st is World CP Day and Sunrise Medical is proud to support the vision of this global initiative. World CP Day was launched in 2012 and was the first worldwide campaign developed to empower individuals with CP to change their world. According to the World CP Day organization, there are over 17 million people living with CP throughout the world. We encourage you to visit www.worldcpday.org to learn more about CP and what you can do to change the lives of people with CP. In addition, tune into the Sunrise Medical social media outlets and contact Customer Service to find your local Sunrise representative to learn about how we are giving back to local organizations dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with CP all over the United States throughout the month of October.

Do you or someone you know with CP have an inspiring story you believe should be shared with world? Has a Sunrise Medical product impacted the life of that individual in a positive way? We want to hear from you, because your stories inspire us to keep innovating and designing products to improve people's lives. Comment below or send us an email at NAMarketing2@sunmed.com.

Always remember at the end of the day, your client is your number one priority!
- Angie

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