3 Backrest Options to Enhance the Ultra Lightweight Manual Wheelchair Experience

3 Backrest Options to Enhance the Ultra Lightweight Manual Wheelchair Experience

In previous blog posts including “Room for Adjustment in Ultralight Manual Wheelchairs” and “Moving Forward with Center of Gravity” we have reviewed a number of important factors that go into the selection, configuration, and proper set-up of an ultra lightweight manual wheelchair frame. The wheelchair frame and components are just a few of the pieces that go into choosing the best overall system for a user. It is equally important to choose a wheelchair cushion and back that meets the individual user’s needs.

Did you know there are a number of backrest options that are specifically designed to enhance a user’s efficiency, health, and overall experience while utilizing an ultra lightweight manual wheelchair? Let’s take a few moments and review three of the options you can find as a part of the Sunrise Medical product lines.

Freestyle Backrest System

Freestyle Backrest System

In addition to looking sleek, this backrest system was specifically designed to break barriers of independence by providing a 360° range of upper body motion and reducing the overall weight of the entire wheelchair system. The Freestyle Backrest System is available on Quickie’s premium ultra lightweight manual wheelchair, the 7R.

Mounting Hardware

Backrest mounting hardware impacts a variety of important areas to take into consideration when selecting an ultra lightweight manual wheelchair system, including portability and the overall weight of the wheelchair. Earlier this month Sunrise Medical launched the RH and RHF Hardware. This hardware is specifically optimized for ultra lightweight manual wheelchairs with a 25% reduction in weight as compared to the standard hardware.

Carbon Fiber Jay J3 Backrest

J3 Carbon Fiber Backrest

Another way to decrease the overall weight of an ultra lightweight wheelchair system is to utilize carbon fiber components such as the J3 Carbon Fiber Backrest. The J3 Lower Thoracic and Upper Thoracic PA backrests are now available in Carbon Fiber from 16-20” wide.

Understanding the design, materials utilized, and hardware of a backrest will assist you with selecting the optimal backrest to complement the overall ultra lightweight manual wheelchair system for your client or yourself.

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Jasa Seo
Do you mean that J3 Carbon Fiber Backrest is really effective? Let me know.
4/21/2016 3:41:22 AM
Jack Palmer
I like how you explained that, "It is equally important to choose a wheelchair cushion and back that meets the individual user's needs." I can imagine that the cushion makes a big difference in the overall comfort. I have a friend that uses a wheelchair and we were talking about the different chairs he has gone through. Thanks for the info!
2/4/2016 6:09:32 AM

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