Pull up a Seat: Meet Sandy Campos & Our Customer Service Team

Pull up a Seat: Meet Sandy Campos & Our Customer Service Team

Nestled in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley of California is the birthplace of the Quickie® wheelchair. For over 30 years, Fresno has been the home of Sunrise Medical's US manufacturing plant. In addition to manufacturing, our Fresno office is also home to our North American Customer Service Department.

At the helm of the customer service team is the Senior Manager of North American Customer Service, Sandy Campos. While working in Fresno earlier this month, I decided to investigate what goes into the success of our customer service's "secret sauce" by speaking with Sandy.

Who is Sandy Campos and what does she do?

Sandy studied business at California State University in Fresno. In 1987, she joined the Sunrise Medical family. Throughout her tenure at Sunrise she has had the opportunity to work in the Credit and Collections Department, Sales Administration and Training Department, and the Customer Service Department. In her current role as the Senior Manager of North American Customer Service, Sandy is responsible for managing all aspects of customer service and technical support to ensure Sunrise is providing the best customer experience possible.

Sandy says she has always had a passion for customer service and is honored to have the opportunity to "improve people's lives" through her work at Sunrise Medical. Some of her most treasured memories are from 1996 when she had the opportunity to help coordinate the Paralympics in Atlanta, Georgia.

Each day Sandy and her group of dedicated men and women are in contact with thousands of people by phone, fax, or email. With all of those calls and emails coming in I could not help but wonder how it all works, so I asked Sandy a few questions:

Angie Kiger: How many Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) do we have working for Sunrise Medical in North America?

Sandy Campos:"There are a total of 69 CSRs with an average tenure of 10 years; 20 of which have 15-28 years of experience at Sunrise Medical. Our CSRs are very passionate about the role they play to improve people's lives."

AK: Are there various sub-groups within the Customer Service Department?

SC: "All of our CSRs are trained on our mobility products, then we have growth opportunities in other areas including technical support, custom seating, Built4Me, and international."

AK: What goes into becoming a CSR?

SC: "A lot! Each new CSR receives a minimum of 12 weeks of classroom training where he/she works hands-on with not only our electronic systems, but also with our products. In addition, they are required to spend a minimum of three days working on the floor with our manufacturing team to gain an understanding as to how products are built and the quality inspection process. Once a new CSR has completed the classroom training and successfully passed a competency quiz on each product line, they are teamed up with a senior CSR to begin taking phone calls. In addition to new CSR training, we also have ongoing training programs in place to ensure our team members are continuously learning ways to improve the quality of each interaction we have with customers.

AK: What does a typical day in the Customer Service Department look like?

SC: "We have coverage from 5:00am-5:00pm PST. Between calls, faxes, and emails our team handles approximately 80,000 interactions a month. Incoming calls are our primary priority so we continually adjust schedules to handle peak call times. We receive calls from suppliers, clinicians, end users, caregivers, and our Sunrise Medical account managers with the majority of our calls coming from Authorized Sunrise Medical Dealers."

AK: How can customers* reach your team?

SC: "By phone (800-333-4000), fax (800-300-7502), email (orders@sunmed.com), or the Sunrise Medical website www.sunrisemedical.com. There is a ton of information available 24/7 on our website including detailed information on all of our products and links to our social media outlets. In addition, authorized dealers can generate quotes, place orders, check the status of an order, and sign-up for advanced shipment and back order notifications on our website. We also have an online technical support center for our authorized dealers who service Quickie and Zippie wheelchairs with many resources and videos at your fingertips to assist with troubleshooting and maintenance of Sunrise products."

*Customers of Sunrise Medical are considered Dealers, Clinicians and Therapists. Product users or caregivers of product users should always contact their Authorized Sunrise Medical Dealer for assistance.

Thank you for reading our blog! We love hearing from you, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We encourage you to leave a comment or send us an email.

Always remember at the end of the day, your client is your number one priority!
- Angie

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