April 2015

“Look Who’s Driving Now!” – Activity Ideas for Power Mobility Evaluation

“Look Who’s Driving Now!” – Activity Ideas for Power Mobility Evaluation

Recommending the best power mobility system for a specific client's needs typically involves navigating through countless equipment options. A proper evaluation is crucial because obtaining funding for new devices often takes a substantial amount of time. An improper "yes" or "no" recommendation for specific devices during a 1-2 hour evaluation can lead to lasting consequences.

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Big Celebrations at Sunrise Medical in April!

Big Celebrations at Sunrise Medical in April!

Cue the streamers and party music, Sunrise Medical is celebrating the addition of new members to our family. On April 2nd it was officially announced that Sunrise Medical acquired Switch-It Inc. For over 25 years, Switch-It has been designing, manufacturing, and distributing specialty input devices and alternative drive controls. The timing of Switch-It joining the Sunrise family could not be more perfect. "Why" you ask?

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