7 Resources for Navigating the World of Seating and Mobility

7 Resources for Navigating the World of Seating and Mobility

Last November, I attended and spoke at the European Seating Symposium (ESS) in Dublin, Ireland. During one of the breaks in between sessions, I sat down in the lobby to check my email and enjoy an iced Diet Coke. Just as I clicked on my first email to read, a gentleman with an English accent sitting next to me asked, "So where in the US are you from?" Apparently the fact that I was drinking a Diet Coke with ice was like having a flashing neon sign above my head that said I was an American. Next thing I know we were engaged in a lengthy conversation.


My new friend was a pilot who grew up in London, but now lives in Dubai. I was positively enthralled with his stories of jet setting all over the world. After ten straight minutes of him talking he finally paused for a moment to ask what I did for living. Now I am not sure if it was the fact that he was indulging in Happy Hour a bit early or if he was genuinely interested, but as soon as I told him my primary job is to teach people how to evaluate, recommend, and set-up wheelchairs, he leaned in with a puzzled look on his face and said "Tell me more!" Unfortunately, before I could dive too deep into discussing the seating and mobility industry, I had to excuse myself in order to go attend another session.

Later that week while flying home, I reflected back on the conversations I had with the pilot in the lobby and other individuals new to our industry that I have met during my travels. Our industry can seem a bit overwhelming to an outsider. In an effort to prepare myself better when people ask me such questions, I decided to create a list of resources that I could share. The list below is what I came up with off the top of my head:

  1. Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America (RESNA) – www.resna.org

  2. University of Pittsburgh Department of Rehabilitation Science and Technology – www.rstce.pitt.edu

  3. University of Colorado School of Medicine Assistive Technology Partners – www.assistivetechnologypartners.org

  4. National Registry of Rehabilitation Technology Suppliers (NRRTS) – www.nrrts.org

  5. Mobility Management Magazine – www.mobilitymgmt.com

  6. Rehab Management Magazine – www.rehabpub.com

  7. Sunrise Training and Education Programs (STEPS) – www.sunrisemedicaleducation.com

If any readers would like to share other notable resources in the seating and mobility field of assistive technology, please feel free to post those in the comment section of this blog!

Thank you for reading our blog. We hope to see you the road soon! In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments do not hesitate to contact us.

Disclaimer: The contents of this blog are intended to be utilized as a general resource for clinicians and suppliers to then use clinical reasoning skills to determine optimal seating and mobility solutions for individual clients.  Steve and Angie are unable to answer questions from members of the general public including caregivers and end users. Members of the general public should direct specific questions to their own clinicians, medical, suppliers, or other health care professionals.


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